Sunday, January 17, 2010

While You Were Sleeping...Vol. 1

An Editorial By Tim Enloe;

Since the poor treatment of veterans returning from the Vietnam war, Americans have vowed to support the troops regardless of where opinions lie. Such an act is wonderful to see and truly patriotic. This turn of events came when many realized that their lives are protected each and every day by our miltary.Win or lose; you continue to support your home team. Our Milton could learn a thing or two from this.

It is my hope that through this monthly column, 'While You Were Sleeping...' , more residents will become advocates and supporters of our Police department. Much like our military, these men and women are protecting our families and our property each and every day. They deserve our respect and appreciation.

Recently, I had the honor of taking a "ride-along" with one of Milton's police officers. For those usure, a "ride-along" is basically an opportunity given to the public to ride with an officer during their shift as a public observer to get some insight into what these heroes do to keep the public safe.

My hope is to "ride along" at least once a month at our police department's discretion. With that in mind, I will not be sharing all experiences with you in a chronological fashion - some might have taken place on the recent ride along, some maybe not. Nor will I reference officer names. I do this to protect these heroes from the immature and unjust witch hunts that have been attempted by some of the Milton citizenry. I choose to protect those who have pledged to protect my loved ones and myself 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

On my maiden voyage, I wasn't in the car for a mere ten minutes before a call came in from dispatch. Evidently, a person wanted on burglary warrants was sighted walking down New Providence Road. When we reached our destination,the cruiser passed him as he headed east. The officer turned his vehicle around in the Providence Lakes Subdivision entrance and saw the suspect hiding behind a street sign at the the low part of New Providence
where a bridge and creek are located.

Quicky, the officer slammed on his breaks, hit the lights, and jumped out of the car telling the suspect to stay where he was. As you might have guessed, this didn't work and the chase was on with the person in question running into the dark and the officer in full pursuit.

Being that you are instructed to stay in the car at all times, I did as I was told. However, with the yelling and quick movement of a flashlight off in the woods being the only two things I was aware of, I honestly debated. I feared that this hero might be in a fight with the suspect. I feared that the suspect could have taken his gun. However, in listening in on the cruiser radio, I quickly understood that the good guy caught the bad guy...with help from the local creek. The suspect had jumped into the freezing water that turned out to be deeper and colder than he realized. He gave up then and there.

Another officer showed up as well to help in the arrest. Keep in mind that there were only four officers on duty during this twelve hour shift. Thus, while these two were apprehending this criminal, the rest of the city was protected by only two officers - just two. Something to think about when you read about the city budgets and what money goes where.

The arresting officer got his man, but also got scratched up a bit from running through briars and tree limbs. From there, we road over to the Alpharetta Jail where the suspect would be placed.

This incident was but a tidbit of activity that I witnessed this fine evening in our Milton. Many other things transpired, but they will be saved for a different time. For now, Milton residents can rest a little easier as their families and homes are a bit safer. A burglar is off the streets and your Milton Police Department is the reason why.

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Anonymous said...

Informative and enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Tim.......thank you for your story.

Do you know how much the City of Milton pays our Policemen and Firemen ?

Anonymous said...

Them dog gone cops is just out to hassle us locals and keep us down.

Anonymous said...

I think they pay them $12 hour plus AYCE donuts, and unlimited time to discuss zoning issues with JZB?

Tim Enloe said...

I believe the starting pay for a milton police officer is $39500.00 / yr.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

great post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one know that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

Anonymous said...

Another case against furloughs of police and first responders. Crime does not take a furlough, so don't furlough those who protect and serve. Take the money from park projects or the salaries of city officials.

Anonymous said...

Great article. To the 1:08 poster. I just hope you never need them to protect you or your loved ones. But you know those "dog gone cops" will be there for you no matter what you say about them! The only reason people get hasseled is that they are breaking the law someway or another. A law is a law no matter what it is and if you break it you need to be hasseled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!