Friday, January 29, 2010

Milton moving forward through 2010

Message from Mayor Joe Lockwood

It's hard to believe it's almost February. Isn't it strange how quickly time passes when you're doing the things you love?

In Milton, that means moving forward smoothly with the lingering aspects of our transition from the public-private partnership that served the city well throughout its startup. Things have never looked better at City Hall, with established members of the team meshing seamlessly with our hard working new hires.

But here's the real news: According to preliminary budget numbers prompting our transition, in Fiscal Year 2010, Milton will save about $1.265 million by cutting out private company overhead. City Manager Chris Lagerbloom tells me that number is expected to increase into the millions as one-time costs fall off in the coming years.

It seems all that hard work is really paying off.Among those new to Milton is Community Development Director Lynne Tulley. Ms. Tulley comes to us from Dawson County, where she served as Community Development Director. It's been an exhaustive process finding such a qualified, bright and hard working candidate, and I'm sure you'll all get to know and like her as much as we do. Feel free to pop in and say "Hi" anytime - though I have to warn you, she may be a bit busy.

We know at City Hall that high-quality, abundant parks and recreation services are at the top of many Milton citizens' wish lists. I'm pleased to tell you new parks and Recreation Director Cyndee Bonacci, who was an award winning director for Snellville, is in the trenches as you read this, building for the future.

As such, keep an eye out for our Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment Survey, a questionnaire that will serve as a guiding light for the decisions Ms. Bonacci makes. Every Milton citizen will receive one in the mail soon, and it is imperative that we get as much input as possible to create the Parks and Recreation Department our city wants and needs.

That's it for now. As temperatures warm heading into March, I hope you all are able to get out and experience the many wonderful aspects of this beautiful city we all call home. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please call, e-mail or come and visit City Hall. We're always open to each and every one of you.


Mayor Joe Lockwood


Bloggah said...

We want our Parks Director back! You are very lucky to have Cyndi Bonacci in Milton! Just look up her name on my blog, and you will see some of the great things she's done in Snellville. Not only did she do a great job here, on a personal level, whenever I emailed her with a question about our parks or their use, she was always very expedient and friendly in her responses. You'll be glad you have her.

Anonymous said...

I agree and I am from Dawson County!