Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Milton Grows Green kicks off Adopt-A-Road

Courtesy Appen Newspapers

MILTON - The Milton Grows Green Committee, a volunteer committee of the City of Milton, announced the kick-off of a reinvigorated Adopt-A-Road program encouraging citizens and civic groups to participate in removing roadside litter.

The Milton Adopt-A-Road Program is a litter-removal campaign coordinated by the Milton Grows Green Committee. It is designed to remove debris from city roads and improve the quality of the environment.

Thanks to the program, 17 road segments will be kept clean by citizen volunteers, including several adopters from the previous incarnation who renewed their commitments.

The refocused Adopt-A-Road program involves new signage specifically designed for Milton incorporating the committee logo and a customized recognition sign for the "sponsor" of a designated stretch of road.

Citizens can help keep the community beautiful by volunteering to help keep clean a 1-mile stretch of road in the City of Milton, with a commitment to clean the road a least four times a year.

Program information, instructions and forms for sign-up are available at Citizens may also contact Gina Schwendel, MGG’s program coordinator, at 678-242-2500 for more details.

MGG coordinates the efforts of individual volunteers and community-based organizations through the efforts of its own members, including Milton residents, business partners and those with an interest in the environment. For more information, e-mail


Anonymous said...

Where is Julie? I thought she was in charge of this?

Anonymous said...

She is but she had a prior engagment.

Anonymous said...

Why does the sign have to have "Milton Grow's Green" on it, it's not like they invented the "Adopt a Road Program"? Do they have to get notoriety for every single thing out here for crying out loud? Drop the "grows Green" from the sign, and let the sign have the City Name and group cleaning up the road on it only! If I didnt' know better I'd say Al Gore is running MGG.