Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where Will The Milton Library Go?


The topic of the Milton Library has been on and off since it's announcement this past year. Should it go in Crabapple? Should it go on Windward? Opinions and questions continue to be bounced around.

Well, the owner of one potential site was kind enough to share with us some information regarding his property on Windward Parkway. Dennis, the floor is yours:


The Fulton County Library Board of Trustees and the Fulton County Commissioners will soon be making a decision on where to locate the new library in Milton . They want to hear from you on what location best serves the majority of Milton residents.

You can learn more about the proposed site located at Windward Parkway at Webb Road near Highway 9 by clicking on:

If you already know about the site and agree with many other Milton residents that it is the preferred location then please sign the petition by clicking on: Both sites have a Power Point presentation that shows the proposed layout of the site, demographics, transportation routes, etc. Thank you for your support of the Windward Parkway site for our new library in Milton .

- Dennis Potts


Anonymous said...
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Dave Haupert said...

Would like to know about the other proposed site in Crabapple. Are there links to the powerpoint or site for that one as well?

Interesting that both sites are on the edge of other cities. Wouldn't it be nice to have it somewhere more central to our own city?

Anonymous said...

How about letting the library board, who have experience in these matters< chose the site? (Hint, they will!)

Home Care Agency Fulton GA said...

The library is an information resource to be navigated by the public, as well as a highly technical work environment for the library staff.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know where the population center of Milton lies. With so many Milton residents in the Deerfield and Highway 9 areas, my guess is that Milton's population center would be pretty close to the Windward Parkway site.

For those who have not viewed the site map, the site is located at the "end" of Cogburn Road (where it turns into Windward Parkway) diagonally across from Hopewell Middle School.

It seems like an ideal location for a library to serve the majority of Milton residents.

Anonymous said...

Why would we want to place a library in the middle of that mess of traffic on Windward Parkway? I don't even like to shop in that chaos! Whatever happened to John Adams proposed plan for a new city hall and Library to be located in Crabapple creating a town center atmosphere? How about showing us that paln again? Having a library adjacent to Milton High School would give the students a convenient facilty to enrich their minds after school instead of hanging out at the mall!

Anonymous said...

The JT Adams proposal for the $7M government center and library was an effort by certain council members to help their friend out of foreclosure. Check the AJC archives.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that those councilmembers circumvented the RFP process?

Anonymous said...

what???? No RFP to spend $7M

Anonymous said...

According to the AJC, Adams went into foreclosure in August. Thurman and Lusk were really pushing hard for this project in July. Gosh we have not heard anything else about it. I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Actually those council members did violate the RFP process and did this whole development behind the scenes. Drive by and enjoy the $7million facillity and enjoy it with your family and friends.

(Hint: just use your imagination as you apparently have been doing for quite a while?)

Anonymous said...

Date: October 25, 2009 Publication: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The (GA) Page Number: D1 Word Count: 1204

John T. Adams, a self-described lover of American history, envisioned retail destinations from bygone eras.

The developer of two suburban Atlanta retail centers, Crabapple Mercantile Exchange in Milton and Ellard Village in Alpharetta, paid attention to the little details. Wrought-iron fences, wooden overhangs, historic-looking brick facades.

But recently, both of his elegant projects were repossessed by his bank, Flagstar of Troy, Mich.

Just the facts!

Anonymous said...

The man went lost his projects to the bank, sad but happens a lot these days. This has nothing to do with when the city sends out an RFP to do a city hall. Just the facts.

Again maybe you are one of the people that dont look at what is good for all but just anything other that what makes sense. I bet you live in distict 6?

Anonymous said...

Or drive a dodge and cut grass.

Anonymous said...

I think I know that type?

Anonymous said...

does he really cut grass? i thought he just drove the dodge.

Anonymous said...

Grass,sticks, dead animals, river cleaning, placing trash in rivers before cleaning, what ever you want.

Anonymous said...

Could we have some more info about the J.T. Adams presentation to council? Was there a formal RFP sent? To whom? Who invited him to present? When did he present?

We all should be aware if something unethical has occurred.

Anonymous said...

This was the meeting held in Crabapple that John Adams presented a great plan for a Town Center.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009
News from Karen Thurman, Milton City Council Member
Courtesy - News From Council Person Karen Thurman

Dear Neighbors,

Council Member Bill Lusk and I want to thank all those who took the time to attend the Crabapple Town Hall meeting. We also want to thank Milton residents Buck Bell, JT Adams and George Ragsdale and many of our city and county staff and consultants for their presentations at the meeting. Over 175 people attended the meeting and I know that the Mayor and City Council Members welcome your feedback on any the items that were presented.

For those that were unable to attend the meeting, a survey concerning the Crabapple area was distributed and is now available for completion online. We ask that you complete only one survey per resident. The survey can be accessed at

The Fulton County Library System is requestingcitizen input on sites for five of the eight new libraries to be built during Phase I of the Library's Facility Master Plan. If you have a recommendation for a site for the Milton library or a preference in location for the library, please let them know by July 31, 2009.

You may submit your site recommendations via the following ways:· Email:
Fax: 404-335-5291· Mail: Branch Services, Central Library, One Margaret Mitchell Square, Atlanta, GA 30303

Thank you again for allowing me to serve you in Milton.Sincerely,

Karen C. Thurman

Anonymous said...

I am sure the children at MHS will run straight to the Library after school. More like speed to the Library and throw stuff out the window. What you think the children should do, or would do, isn't necessarily what they actually will do. The majority of kids at MHS, will not head to the library after school. It's nice to picture it, but doesn't seem like reality. Think of another reason to put it at Crabapple. I have one. Because of the existing traffic and lack of infrastructure, let's shove it there and add more to the problem.

Anonymous said...

I thought Karen said she never goes to this website. Guess she does pay attention to somethings in Milton, other then JT and her desire to have "some" developers make tons of money developing a master plan at Crabapple. Hey people, find out who are the developers and their relationships to those on council before you put your trust in anyone.

Anonymous said...

You guys need to lighten up on Karen and give her a chance as she is really trying to start over on a clean slate. She now goes by Susan and is wearing panty hose not to get rid of the awful panty lines.

Anonymous said...

The timing of the above meeting is a perfect example of her doing everything possible to help her friend JT out. He was going into foreclosure. She almost pulled it off without a needs analysis and an RFP. With the 4 vote majority, I can see how she might have felt she was above abiding standard protocol.

Anonymous said...

Don't let her slide on the scam her company pulled on the military either. Her family has long ties to that lending company and was on its gravy train until Tennessee and then California caught up with what was going on.

Fact. Public record.

Anonymous said...

Rome Finance?

Anonymous said...

Rome Finance Co., Inc

Parallel companies:

Rome Finance Corporation (GA) LLC ("Rome LLC")

RCC of Georgia LLC ("RCC")

Source: United States Bankruptcy Court Northern District of California
Case No. 08-45902J
January 15, 2009

For Thurman's family ties and ownership in these parallel companies see pages 1 - 5.

Anonymous said...

Enough already with using this sight to attack the politicians and business leaders! The subject at hand is "WHERE WILL THE MILTON LIBRARY GO?" Let's show the readers that Milton residents have intelligent comments to make about this subject and stop the nasty banter like the above nonsense!!! Grow Up Folks!