Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lagerbloom Answers Inquiry


City Manager Lagerbloom responded to our request regarding the ethics situation with Tina D'Aversa filed by Neal O'brien. From what he has relayed, this issue is still active and has not be removed or thrown out:


Of note related to your question, the meeting of January 25th, 2010 followed this agenda:

Subsequent to that agenda, the following agenda has been posted for February 9, 2010:

Hope this helps guide you to the information you requested. Have a good Sunday!


So there you have it. The ethics investigation is on going and it has not come to an end as of this date. Many thanks to Chris for sharing this information with us.

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Anonymous said...

Why do people make it up that it is over? Why lie? What does it accomplish?

I am not defending one side or the other, I am just amazed that people have lied on this blog when I assuem that they know that the truth is something different.