Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Bump In The Night.


Last night, my wife Ginger and I had the dubious honor of having a fellow driver decide to back up in the middle of Webb Road and hit the front of our car in the process.

Thankfully, Officer Wong of the Milton Police Department was there within eight minutes or so to address the situation.

While some might not think such a story is news worthy, it actually is. As Officer Wong took care of us, the rest of our 40 square mile / 30,000 resident city was being protected by only three officers...provided no one had called in sick or was recovering from an on the job injury. Just three.

This is something to think about when you witness your next daily speeder in the open road neighborhoods or hear about a another break-in.

Milton is dropping the ball when it comes to having a properly staffed Police Department. These heroes are working 50 to 60 hours a week just to give the Milton public minimal presence on the roads. Even heroes get tired.

I urge our council and staff to re-evaluate the budget and hire more officers. Otherwise, both your family and mine are in jeopardy of becoming another number on a data sheet.

- Tim Enloe /

Many thanks to Officer Wong.


Anonymous said...

We must hire as assistant parks director before adding any police officers.

Tim Enloe said...


Can your family play in a park when they are dead?

I love parks too but the fact is Milton does not have enough officers to cover the land area or population of Milton properly.

If Milton isn't careful, someone is going to get killed and sue the city. If that happens, you can forget anything having to do with parks.

Council's #1 priority should be the safety of their constituency; not throwing a ball for Fido.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

Can they sue the city when they are dead?

Anonymous said...

Tim - start a petition

Anonymous said...

Can they enjoy Milton's fine cemeteries when they're DEAD?

Anonymous said...

Just how would the city be sued if someone breaks in and kills someone? Yet you do not see a problem if a mailbox is installed on a ROW that is to close to the traveling public. If the mailbox is to close it should have some reflectivity on it so the driver who hits it cant hang on tight. I have been to cases before and the owner is held liable. In my case the city has more money than I do so the attorney will go that direction. Have you ever noticed that Georgia Power poles are placed at the back of the ROW?

Anonymous said...

Milton is in need for more officers. I have talked with a couple of our council members about it and they have agreed as well. Hang in there ....

Anonymous said...

pardon my grammar- of in place of for.

skewer me lightly.

Tim Enloe said...

Sigh. Ok. First question asked was:

"how would the city be sued if someone breaks in and kills someone?"

Umm, I never said the city could be sued due to a break in.

However, numerous cases have been filed throughout this country and municipalities have been sued under wrongful death scenarios for not fixing a problem interestion; speeding issues that are never addressed, etc.

Next, regarding mailbox placement. The right of way is for three types of situations: US Postal service, Emergency crews, and Utility - that is it. It is illegal to actually park on the right of way unless you are one of these three. Check it out for yourself if you doubt this fact.

I would agree that having a reflector on any mailbox; be it sudivision or open road neighborhood, is a good idea.

As far as what you have experienced regarding mailbox litigation, it appears as though our histories conflict. Having lived here for over 32 years, my parents mailbox has been hit by speeders and those not paying attention numerous times. In the cases where those guilty actually had the courage to come forward; the officer on duty wrote them a ticket for not maintaining their lane and our new mail box was replaced by the viloator.

Yes, I have noticed the placement of the power poles. This still hasn't kept those who choose to break the law and speed or drive under the influence in our open road neighborhods from hitting them.

Keep safe,

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

more police would be nice, but the good thing is we have about quadruple the coverage we used to with Fulton. I bet the Milton officers don't get big naps,either, like some of the old guard reportedly liked to do.

Anonymous said...

Quadruple, you are kidding, right?

Travis Allen said...


I'm gonna have to call you out on this one...

Milton's ROW Ordinance states

"Vehicles may park on roads of subsequent width unless specifically prohibited by signage."

And to make a point, I don't see any "No Parking" signs on Bethany Road.

Tim Enloe said...


My point is simple. The right of ways are not in place for parking. They are in place for what I stated earlier: Fire / Police, Utilities, and Postal Service.

Ask any cop or politician and they will tell you the same.

The right of ways are not now, nor were they ever designed or disgnated for parking.

I doubt anyone in an open road neighborhood would agree with people coming and using their front yards as parking lots.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

If you break down on the right of way they do give you time to have it removed. They even place stickers on the windows as they update them.

I hate to say this but if a home owner places a 4x4 brick mailbox or a big rock on the right of way to protect his fence or mailbox he takes on a liability. The city takes it on for not having him remove it.

I dont think a judge will ever tell a family who lost a love one they have to pay to have the mailbox put back. Anyways it would not be a local judge. If it goes on the right of way it should be approved by the city staff.

You own your property but yet if you try to build a barn you have to get permits. Is this to protect others if they come in the barn or animals?

The city has to keep the ROW safe for the traveling public. To do this they have control of it. If they allow a mishap then they pay. BTW.. Either i did not read it right and not sure how to show a quote: Tim stated ( If Milton isn't careful, someone is going to get killed and sue the city.)

Just look at the MUTCD which tells us how, what, and sign can be placed on the ROW. The law book will agree with this book. They cant conflict if it does it would be threw out of court. I know just a little of the law but a lot about the MUTCD.

I was riding around Milton the other day and see a new signal being installled in Milton that services a subdivision. Please tell me my taxs are not being used for this intersection. Who lives in the subdivision that has this kind of pull? How much did the value of their home go up by having this? And yes I will stay Anonymous because I have to live in this town.

Tim Enloe said...

I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks 5:38. What I meant when I referenced the city setting themselves up for a law suit is the lack of enforcement of dangerous speeding in the open road neighborhoods. Council and staff know it is a severe problem but choose to blow money on other less important ventures.

By the way, what subdivision did you see that traffic light going in at?


Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...


What is the truth about the misinformation being spread about Tina's ethics charges.

Are they going to be heard by the city council. One poster said they were dropped, a second poster said they were not dropped.

One poster said the Milton City Council will hear them, a second poster said they will not.

Tim, what is the truth concerning this issue?

Anonymous said...

Milton hearing February 9th

State administrative and criminal investigation continuing, State Ethics hearing late spring.


Public record