Thursday, January 07, 2010

Jason Wright Reaches Out To Volunteers

Hello Milton volunteers,

Happy New Year to each one of you, and here’s hoping you had a great holiday season.

As many of you are aware, on Jan. 1 the city ended its transition from a public-private partnership to a model of more self performance. This move will save the city money in the short and long terms and create a greater accountability throughout city services.

In that transition the city is exploring all of our special events and the volunteer needs associated with each one. We know there might be a number of questions you, the many hardworking volunteers who have served your community, have during this time. They will be answered in the coming months as staffers evaluate the city’s volunteer programs.

Rest assured the hours of work you have all put into city functions is appreciated and will be needed for future events in 2010. As such, we are currently perusing options to streamline our contact with you and ensure that everyone who wants to help out still can.

The city’s events depend on your continued contribution, and we fully intend to keep you involved as the city embarks on a monumental 2010. Thank you for your service; certainly many more projects await us all.

Jason Wright
Communications Manager
City Of Milton


Anonymous said...

Two words... Linda Blow!

Travis Allen said...

I'll second that!

Anonymous said...

When I hear that she was thanked, I will consider. Why would anyone volunteer after our coordinator was laid off without any prior communication from city hall. I'm not sure what happened but it stinks.

Anonymous said...

She was thanked and there was a party for her. Get over it! If you wont pony up to pay her salary then you cant complain.

Anonymous said...

With Blow gone, do you think there is any possibility that Milton will survive?

Anonymous said...

A party for her given by the city or a party given by a few volunteers?

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, new parks & recreation director is assuming Blow's duties.

Anonymous said...

Actually she wasn't thanked and if you work at city hall then you know that. We threw a party??

Tim Enloe said...


The Milton Volunteers who have worked on the Milton Round Up the past few years threw her a going away party at Ray's Pizza.

She was presented with a plaque thanking her for all she had done.

There is video of it in our older posts.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

Actually the city did have a party for Linda. There were lots of people, plenty of booze and munchies, and a few even went swimming.

Anonymous said...

Did any Professors go skinny dipping?

Anonymous said...

It's like Obama's vision: HOPE for new parks. That's worth quite a lot!

Anonymous said...

I was there too and I think she was pleased? I have also eard that she was offered a job at a reasonable salary for the position and she refused?

Anonymous said...

are you kidding me, they offered her a receptionist job!! Now there's a downer. Let's see Linda, you can't sit in your office and do what you did best, but you can sit out front and greet everyone for minimal pay. Geez, sorry we didn't offer it to you before you left... must have slipped our minds.

Anonymous said...

I love Linda but lets be real. She planned some parties and events, what a great job but dosent take a rocket scientist or $75k a year?

Her gravy train left with CHm3hill.