Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Cops and doughnuts a bad mix

Courtesy Appen Newspapers

Police were alerted to loud noises and vehicles doing "doughnuts" during the night of Dec. 22 on Freemanville Road. Upon arrival, officers found eight young people in various states of alcoholic stupor, including Samuel Schottenfeld, 18, of E. Bluff Road, Milton, who said that the property belonging to his parents who had given permission for the kids to be there. While searching for other party-goers, police found remains of marijuana in one of the vehicles on scene.

Samuel Schottenfeld, 18, of E. Bluff Road, Milton, Dylan Ooton, 18, of Owens Lake Road, Milton, Nicholas Sparwath, 18, of Providence Lake Drive, Milton, and four juveniles were charged with possession of alcohol by minors. One juvenile was charged with providing alcohol to minors; one minor was arrested with possession of alcohol by a minor and possession of marijuana.

Armed robbers caught

Two men were robbed at gunpoint on the evening of Dec. 27. The victims had been walking on Lathene Drive in Milton when a vehicle pulled up next to them. Two females were in the vehicle. The driver, identified as Taylor Gayle, exited the vehicle and hugged one of the victims. She then returned to the vehicle. As she entered the vehicle, two men exited the rear of the vehicle, one holding a pistol and demanding money from the victims. Cash, clothing and cell phones were taken from the victims before the two men jumped back into the vehicle and drove off.

Police were promptly called. One of the victims identified Gayle as a student at Alpharetta High School and that she may have been going out with one of the robbers. He attempted to track down the assailant independent of the police, tracking them to a house on Homestead Trail in Alpharetta. The offenders, identified as "Darius" and "Ace" again brandished weapons at the victim, who left and returned with police in tow. The offenders have been identified as Darius Griffin, 18, of Homestead Trail, Alpharetta, and his brother, a juvenile. Griffin and the juvenile were both charged with armed robbery. Gayle and the other occupants of the vehicle remain at large.


Anonymous said...

If the kids had brought a bunch of donuts them maybe they could have just left them by the road and the cops wouldn't have bothered them?

Anonymous said...

Why weren't they charged with DWI? (Doughnuts With Icing)