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Redistricting Update, Crabapple Plans and More.

Redistricting Update, Crabapple Plans and More

February 27, 2011

Dear Milton Citizens, Neighbors and Friends,

I hope this release finds you and your family well and anticipating spring in Milton. This email is intended to provide you with information regarding a variety of important Milton happenings including:

An update on the Fulton County Board of Education (FCBOE) redistricting process. An on-line forum is available through Sunday, 2/27/2011 - Click here to submit comments. Try the link even if you are seeing this after 2/27 in case FCBOE leaves it up longer.
Crabapple City Center and Master Planning initiative underway - Public meeting scheduled for Monday, March 14th at 5:00 at City Hall. Please attend.
The ARC has awarded the City of Milton a $100,000 Livable Communities Initiative (LCI) grant for the Highway 9 area working with Alpharetta.
The City of Milton has purchased approximately five acres to help alleviate traffic issues with the new high school and to allow for a public safety presence on Highway 9. This one parcel will serve multiple purposes benefitting citizens.
Text amendments being considered regarding commercial landscaping businesses. Specifically whether C-1 zoning should be required versus the current allowance on AG-1/residentially zoned land with a special use permit. Citizens asked that this change be made given their concerns with the influx of commercial/industrial businesses locating on non-commercially zoned parcels. Other jurisdictions require C-1 zoned land for such businesses.
Meeting dates for other important community events such as the second annual City of Milton/Milton Grows Green (MGG) Earth Day event, Milton High School's Production of Hair Spray, the next two redistricting meetings, the Wednesday, March 2nd "Walk to School" event which is intended to promote environmentally healthy practices for the community and school age children and so much more.
Thank you for caring enough about our collective community to be involved. Every voice, volunteer and effort makes all the difference in what our community is and will be in the future. Please scroll down for more details on each of these items.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of being of service to you and your family.

Take care,

Julie Zahner Bailey
Milton City Council
404-310-6344 cell

Fulton County Board of Education School Redistricting Process
I attended the first meeting of this process on Wed., Feb. 23 along with many of you. Thank you for ensuring your voice was heard. This process is a critical component in determining the attendance zones for the new high school as well as the existing Milton High School. If you were unable to attend, please provide your input electronically to the FCBOE. The on-line forum is receiving specific community input through 2/27/2011. Please use this link. Please try the on-line link even after 2/27 just in case the FCBOE leaves it up longer. Bear in mind there are specific questions for which the FCBOE is seeking input. The more directly you address these questions the more your comments will be considered as the questions tie directly to the primary and secondary elements utilized by the BOE to determine attendance zones. Input that goes outside of the primary and secondary FCBOE board approved criteria will not be considered. Other upcoming dates for the next two phases of the redistricting process are noted in the right margin.

City of Milton Selected for a $100,000 Livable Communities Initiative (LCI) grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC)
This LCI grant is awarded in concert with the City of Alpharetta in an effort to improve the Highway 9/Windward areas. This is a terrific next step for the Highway 9/Windward area as we proactively plan for the future of this area. Please use this link for an article published in the AJC.

City of Milton Purchases Multi-Purpose Five acres Fronting Highway 9
The City of Milton purchased just under five acres on Highway 9 in direct response to citizen desires for additional access to the new Bethany/Cogburn high school. This parcel will serve multiple purposes benefitting citizens including mitigation of potential traffic issues, while also providing a site for a public safety facility to further enhance fire and police presence for this area of Milton. Other opportunities exist for this parcel including passive recreation and greenspace.

Crabapple City Center and Master Planning Kick-off Meeting Set for Monday, March 14th at 5:00 at City Hall (13000 Deerfield Parkway) Please Attend
Please plan to attend and provide input directly into this important planning process that will affect the way Crabapple will look and feel including densities for the area now and into the future. This is the first of several meetings regarding this important planning process. Lew Oliver, a renowned land planner and visionary, will work with staff and local stakeholders to help shape the future of this area. Your voice and direct involvement is required. If you view yourself as a stakeholder in the community - whether you live, work, operate a business or go to school in the Crabapple area - please let us know that you would like to participate in these critical planning meetings. Your voice and opinions will have a direct impact on the future of this area which is important to the whole of Milton.

The opinions expressed in this release are those of Julie Zahner Bailey and may not reflect official positions of the Milton City Council. No City funds were used for this communication.

Paid for by Friends of Julie Zahner Bailey.

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