Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meeting Held to Discuss Fulton Redistricting Plan.

Meeting Held to Discuss Fulton Redistricting Plan:

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - More than a thousand people turned out Wednesday night at Alpharetta High School to learn more about a redistricting plan that could ultimately send their children to other schools.

The district said it's necessary to transfer several thousand students to other schools because one new high school is being built.

It was a packed gymnasium at Alpharetta High School, as an estimated 1,500 parents, students and others attended a meeting to learn about a redistricting plan.

Fulton County school system officials say a yet to be named high school in Milton will mean transferring several thousand students to the new school and other schools to fill in the gaps.

"These kids have grown up with their friends for years they're all in the same part of town and they don't want to be separated," said one parent.

Parents from Roswell High School, Alpharetta High School and several other schools packed the gymnasium to learn more about the redistricting plan.

"We have about 3,500 kids who come August 2012 may find themselves in a new school so what we're doing in this process is so they can tell us what they like what they don't like about these proposals," said another parent.

The parents learned and discussed the details of the redistricting plan in classrooms as part of several break out groups with district personal leading the discussions. Parents studied issues which will effect the re-routing of the students such as transportation, population density and geography.

Some parents say they're not necessarily opposed to their children going to a different school, they said they simply don't want their community broken apart.

Wednesday night's meeting is the second of three public meetings.

The Fulton County school system is expected to announce the results of the redistricting plan in June.

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