Saturday, March 26, 2011

Update on School redistricting.

Courtesy Mike Nyden.

Quick update;

Q. How many children do you have to move to fill 1,600 seats in a new school?

A. 3,500 -- At least that’s what the spokesperson from the board said during a TV interview.

Not a whole lot to report this week. We’ve had some press as the result of a press release. The article can be found here: . There’s a great deal of dissembling in the article… and I’ll leave it at that. Please let me know if you’d like some clarification.

There have been other articles as well, but I don’t have links to them. We’re also expecting some TV time well in advance of the next scheduled school board meeting. We’re trying to keep this “story” in the news (by trying to get a couple of releases out every week.) . If you have ideas for an “angle” on the redistricting, please let me know.

I don’t know how many of you sent the “second” question, but apparently no one has received an answer. If you asked, and have received an answer, would you let me know please?

Senators Chip Rogers and John Albers are holding a town hall meeting at the Mountain Park City Hall located at 118 Lakeshore Drive in Mountain Park this morning at 11. Among various committee assignments, Senator Rogers sits on the Education and Youth Committee (Ex-Officio) as does Senator Albers. Senator Rogers made a pretty compelling speech on crossover day that you may watch here: . The senators may not be able to do anything now, but it’s my experience with them that they at least listen. And let’s face it, there’re quite a few of us who have something to say. (I hope to see you there.)

I’ll send more if/when something exciting happens.


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