Sunday, March 13, 2011

Roswell's Resolution Regarding Redistricting.

Courtesy City of Roswell, GA.

NOTE: Many thanks to our Roswell friends for bring the following information to the attention of To date, we have not been made aware of a resolution from the City of Milton.
STATE OF GEORGIA March 14, 2011





WHEREAS, the citizens of Roswell share a unique history and sense of place; and

WHEREAS, many youth in the City of Roswell have grown up participating in programs of the City’s Recreation and Parks Department; and

WHEREAS, this participation and participation of youth and adults in other City activities brings the citizens of Roswell, young and old, together as a community; and

WHEREAS, the citizens of Roswell often identify themselves with pride as being part of the “Roswell Community”; and

WHEREAS, the Fulton County School Board has set forth procedures that base school attendance zones primarily on geographic proximity to schools while taking into account the instructional capacity of the school and projected enrollment; and

WHEREAS, the Fulton County School Board uses neighborhoods as the geographical units for assignment to certain schools; and

WHEREAS, neighborhoods are defined by policy as being based on natural geographic barriers, identifiable residential subdivisions or apartment complexes, established homeowners’ associations and shared amenities; and

WHEREAS, such definition does not necessarily reflect City boundaries or the unique community that is Roswell; and

WHEREAS, the Mayor and City Council believe that school attendance zones should reflect the communities which they serve:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Mayor and the Council of the City of Roswell request that the Fulton County School Board consider City boundary lines and the unique community traits of the City of Roswell when drawing attendance zones for the schools within North Fulton County.

The above resolution was read and approved by the Mayor and Council of the City of Roswell, Georgia on the day of , 2011.


Jere Wood, Mayor


Marlee Press, City Clerk


Councilmember Jerry Orlans

Councilmember Rebecca Wynn

Councilmember Betty Price

Councilmember Richard Dippolito

Councilmember Kent Igleheart

Councilmember Nancy Diamond


Anonymous said...

why would milton need a resolution since all our kids would be going to one of the two schools in milton

Anonymous said...

Because we didn't need the school built here in the first place.. The need for the high school was for Roswell and Alppharetta students. The FCBOE is going to remove most of all students who live in Milton from MHS and put them all in the new High School. Children should attend school where they are closest to, not shipped across town into other jurisdictions or further away into another school across town. Proximity should be the main factor in attendance. this is just common sense. Whenever a school is built, in whatever city, including Milton our city loses tax revenue because the FCBOE is exempt from property taxes. Why have schools in our city contain mostly kids from other towns? We are the ones losing financially and they are splintering ou community and other communities by their refusal to see city boundaries and acknowledge our close neighborhood communities. Everyone loves a new school. However, why go to a new one 5 miles away, when there is one 1 mile or so next to your subdivision. Not smart no matter what angle taken.

Anonymous said...

We need a resolution to show that we won't be pushed around any further. Maybe our council can take the example from Roswell and actually get up out of their seats and stand up.

Anonymous said...

So maybe we should send Milton HS back to Alpharetta where it came from. That way we can all just go to same high school.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if the new high school had been built on Freemanville(the center of Milton), all Milton students and only Milton students would attend. Problem solved!

Anonymous said...

Got a point there, 6:43.

Anonymous said...

BOE has too much power.

Anonymous said...

Has the new map been determined? How do we know what the FCBOE is going to do?

While I don't hold out much hope that their decision will be the best one, I would like to know what the issue is, before we cry foul and take sides.

I believe that these maps were supposed to be published this week.