Monday, March 14, 2011

Break Ins Follow Up - Incident 8.



As we shared this past week, we reached out to the Milton Police Department requesting information on the recent breakins throughout the city.

Thanks to Police Chief Harrell and Katherine Fies of the Milton Police Department, we have received police reports involving these burglaries.

Out of respect for the victims, we will not post their names or numerical address. In addition, any information that could aid our Milton Police Officers regarding this or any other investigation will be removed. However, the rest will be complete and verbatim via the officer's report.

Additional reports will be posted one at a time every 24 hours.

Many thanks to the Milton Police Department for coming to those in need.
Agency Name: Milton Police Department
ORI GA 0605700
Location of Incident: XXXXX Weycroft Cir, Milton GA 30004
Crime Incident: Burglary-Forced-Res / 16-7-1
Premise Type: Residence / Home.
Weapon / Tools: Uknown / Not Stated.
Case # 11-00302
Date / Time Reported: 2/22/2011 - 17:35 Tues.
Last Known Secure: 02/20/2011 - 10:30 Sun.
At Found: 2/22/2011- 17:35 Tues.
Victim 1: XXXX; Race; I / Age 43 / Female.
Victim 2: XXXX; Race; I / Age 54 / Male.
Officer / ID#: Fregosi, P. (1208)
Invest / ID#: Barry, K. (1188)
Supervisor: Taylor, C. (1114)
Assisting Officers:
Allen, N. (1202)
Mulvey, S. (1203)
Taylor, C. (1114)

On 2/22/2011 at 17:35, I was dispatched to XXXX Weycroft Cir. in reference to a burglary with forced entry. Upon arriving, I met the brother of the victim, XXXX.

Mr. XXXX advised me that he was at the house to pick up the mail and water the plants at his sister's house while she was out of town. He advised that his sister and her husband, victims 1 and 2, had left the country on 2/07/2011 to go to India. On today's date, he entered the house through the garage to go water the plants. He stated he observed bits of broken glass on the carpet and then noticed that the blinds on the back door were blowing in the wind. He then noticed that the window to the back sliding glass door was broken. He the exited the residence and called the Police.

Mr. XXXX advised that the last time he was at the residence was Sunday (2/20/2011) at approximately 10:30.

Ofc. Mulvey and I entered the residence and cleared it. Unknown suspect(s) broke the rear sliding glass door and pried the metal window panes to gain entry to the residence. I observed the upstairs master bedroom (first room on the left upstairs) to be in disarray. All the drawers from the dresser were pulled out and on the floor. There was a red jewelry box on the bed that was emptied. The victim advised about 2 to 3 hundred dollars in cash was in the jewelry box. The master bathroom was also in

disarray with all the drawers pulled out and emptied. The victim advised that a Sentry Safe was located in the closet and was missing. Inside the safe contained debit / credit cards and 2 gold chains.

The other 2 bedrooms at the end of the hall had drawers pulled out and items dumped on the floor and bed. Another jewelry box was located in the bedroom on the left at the end of the hall on the bed and was opened and emptied.

The victims advised that they would be returning to the country on XXXXX and would advise then if anything else was missing.

Once Capt. Huey responded, the scene was turned over to him for processing.

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