Monday, March 28, 2011

North Fulton Parents Fight Redistricting Plans.



Some north Fulton parents are planning to fight plans to redistrict their children. Their concerns were sparked by the county school board’s plans to build a new high school in Milton.

The three proposals on the table could potentially shuffle thousands of students in north Fulton. “You're basically breaking apart a community fabric that’s really been established over three or four generations here,” concerned parent Mark Campbell told Channel 2’s Petchenik.

Campbell’s two sons attend Roswell High School, but redistricting could send hundreds of Roswell Hornets to rival Milton High School.

“Roswell High School stands to lose in all three of the plans on the table right now,” Campbell said.

The Fulton School Board plans to open a new high school called Bethany Bend in August 2012. To fill seats at the school, the district will have to redraw attendance lines, shuffling thousands of students.

The first proposal on the table affects all seven high schools in north Fulton County, sending students from Alpharetta and Milton high schools to the new school.

Two other plans affect all but one school. Campbell said he's concerned about the commute times for students uprooted from their neighborhoods. “You’re going to increase the travel risk for a number of students who live less than two miles from this building and 10 miles from the next closest building,” Campbell said. Another parent is rallying a group of Roswell parents to take their fight to the Fulton School Board.

“There are two kinds of fights: the ones you can win and the fights that need fighting,” said the Roswell Organizing Committee’s Mike Nyden. Nyden said concerns have fallen on deaf ears. “They are asking for input but the narrowness of the answers is such that you may as well not have any at all,” Nyden said.


Anonymous said...

Thank heaven someone is fighting.

Anonymous said...

I do hope Roswell is successful.