Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Break Ins Follow Up - Incident 9.



As we shared this past week, we reached out to the Milton Police Department requesting information on the recent breakins throughout the city.

Thanks to Police Chief Harrell and Katherine Fies of the Milton Police Department, we have received police reports involving these burglaries.

Out of respect for the victims, we will not post their names or numerical address. In addition, any information that could aid our Milton Police Officers regarding this or any other investigation will be removed. However, the rest will be complete and verbatim via the officer's report.

Additional reports will be posted one at a time every 24 hours.

Many thanks to the Milton Police Department for coming to those in need.
Agency Name: Milton Police Department
ORI GA 0605700
Location of Incident: XXXX Hickory Flat Road, Milton, GA 30004
Crime Incidents: Burglary-Forced-Res. / 16-7-1.
Premise Type: Residential / Home.
Weapons / Tools: Hands - Feet - Teeth.
Case # 11-00372
Date / Time Reported: 03/07/2011 - 14:27 Mon.
Last Known Secure: 03/07/2011 - 14:27 Mon.
At Found: 03/07/2011 - 14:27 Mon.
Victim: XXXXX, White Male; Age 53.
Officer / ID#: Ward, C.A. (1210)
Invest / ID#: Barry, K. (1188)
Supervisor: Taylor, C. (1114)
Assisting Officers:
Hayes, W.H. (1107)
Taylor, C. (1114)
Barstow, C. (1111)
Barry, K. (1188)

On March 7, 2011 at approximately 1427 hours I responded to XXXX Hickory Flat Road in reference to a burglary. En route, Alpharetta Dispatched advised the victim returned home to find his back door forced open and multiple items were missing from his home.

Upon arrival, I met with XXXXX, the victim. Mr. XXXX stated he left his house at approximately 1030 hours and returned home at approximately 1427 hours on this date. Mr. XXXX stated the burglary occured sometime while he was gone. Upon his return home, Mr. XXXX stated he noticed his back door had been forced open. Mr. XXXX stated he checked his house and found no one in it. Mr. XXXX stated he immediately noticed multiple items were missing from the home.

I immediately noticed the back door to the residence was forced open. I observed pieces of wood from the door frame just inside the residence. Officer Hayes and I entered and checked the residence for signs of anyone in it. We did not locate anyone in the residence. Mr. XXXX walked us through the residence and advised us of what was stolen. Below is a list of what Mr. XXXX stated was stolen. Mr. XXXX stated he would provide a more detailed list when he obtains more serial numbers and item descriptions.

Milton CID was immediately notified of the burglary. Milton CID arrived on scene, and gathered multiple items from the home for further processing and investigation.

Stolen Property:

1 Stihl Farm Boss Chainsaw 18 inch Model 029 (Serial#XXXX) $500.00
2 Dell Inspiration Laptops Model 15R (Serial#XXXX) $500.00-$1000.00
1 Dell Inspiration Laptop 1545 (Serial#XXXX) $500.00
Brown wooden jewelry box with multiple pieces of jewelry in it (List of jewelry and value to be entered when provided)

All items are estimations of the property value.

A copy of this report and serial numbers was faxed to Alpharetta Dispatch to be entered into GCIC as stolen.


Anonymous said...

It was the Bailey's home and Bill Bailey is the xxxxxxxx guy. The reason they took the computors is to get all the Zahner Bailey info to use against her in the next ugly election she is about to face.

Anonymous said...

I will vote for her.

Anonymous said...

Will it ever end?