Thursday, March 31, 2011

Herman Cain: "A Real Black Man May Run Against Barack Obama"

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Anonymous said...

The title is exceptionally insensitive. What is a "real black man"? Please try to be considerate and mindful of what you post in the future. This post demonstrates a real lack of sound judgment.

Tim Enloe said...

This video and title was not filmed by It was filmed by another entity. Thus, it is not our property. Therefore, we copied it verbatim as to what they posted. You will also note in the video that the exact same verbage is used.

All the best -

Tim Enloe
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Anonymous said...

Yes, I understand that you did not film the video or originally write the title. However, you made a choice to post the video. Why would you post a video with such a title? It appears that you condone the video and title and are attempting to distribute the information to an audience. That is poor judgement and reflects directly upon you.

Anonymous said...

6:52, your kind are a dime a dozen.

When you disagree you play the insensitive card.........get over it.

Anonymous said...

Herman Cain had a black mother and a black father, thus the "real" or "100% black" statement. Obama had a white mother and a black father, thus he is not all black or 100% black. How is this fact insenstive? I guess you would think Cain is insensitive as a black man for not playing the race card, how could he!!

The title is not "exceptionally" insensitive, you are "exceptionally sensitive" and are making a big deal out of absolutely nothing.

Anonymous said...

Cain is playing the race card. By the way, most African Americans are not 100% Black! Race is a social construct. Do you know what that means? Do your research.

Anonymous said...

If Cain were not playing the race card, he would not mention race. Instead, he would focus upon his political platform. His atempt to appeal to consevative borderline racists is transparent and unnecessary. It will backfire in the end.

Anonymous said...

If African-Americans are not mostly 100% black as you stated, than why call themselves African-Americans? Why not Mexican-African-Irish-Americans, or Jewish-Hispanic-Anglo Saxon-Americans? Silly isn't it!

Sooner or later we are all going to be so watered down, gonna call ourselves whichever percentage of a race that sqeeks out a 1/2 a percent ahead of the other ancestral races in one's background?

Why can't we all just be AMERICAN? The hypen is ruining our country. When can we stand together as just American brothers and sisters? Can't do it if everyone is a hypenated-American.
Stupidist thing I've ever seen.
I believe Eleanor Roosevelt said something of the sort, when we no longer see ourselves as just Americans but blank-Americans, it will ruin our country. And oh pahleese don't say I quoted her, it was something to that nature!
She was wise and correct!

Herman Cain is not playing the Race card, those who fear him are those who feared MLK as well. He tells it like it is, and that is very appealing regardless of what ever skin color he has. With him, I don't see skin color, I see a man of great character. The exact opposite of our current President.

Anonymous said...

3:43, Why did Herman Cain say "a real black man may run against Obama"? You say that race should not matter, but obviously it does to Cain or he would not have made that distinction.

Think about what you post. What you wrote above is contradictory.

Anonymous said...

Posts 6:10 pm, 6:52 pm, 537 pm, 9:03 am,5:24 pm, "playing the race card"? Are you out of your
mind(s)? Your Obama is guilty of this from day one. Some folks are loving this "CHANGE".