Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Car Chase has it All: Pot, Child and 85K.


Car Chase has it All: Pot, Child and $85K

On March 15 an officer stopped a car for speeding on Deerfield Parkway. Then chaos ensued. As officers approached the White Dodge Charger, they noticed that it smelled like marijuana. Officers asked the suspect – identified as Monroe LeBeau III – to exit th car. However LeBeau refused to leave the car telling officers that his 6-year-old son was in the car and he did not want to leave him alone. However, eventauly LeBeau did exit the vehicle. While being questioned by police, LeBeau took off and began running toward a local subdivision, leaving his 6-year-old in the car. Police went after Lebeau and they eventually found him in the backseat of a Toyota Avalon that belonged to an Alpharetta man. Once police caught up with him, LeBeau went on the lamb again, eluding cops and running away. LeBeau would try to outrun police two more times before finally being caught thanks to a police dog who bit LeBeau twice. When police finally were able to search LeBeau's car, they found seven pounds of marijuana, $85,000 in cash and a "Marijuana Grower's Bible." LeBeau was arrested and charged with robbery by intimidation, drug trafficking, reckless conduct, resisting arrest, speeding, failure to maintain lane, failure to wear a safety belt and driving with a suspended license.

$2K Worth of Jewelry Stolen From Milton Woman's Home

On March 12, officers were called to an address on Hopewell Lane in reference to a burglary. According to the homeowner, she left her house around 1:15 pm and returned around 9:15 to find the glass panel on her front door broken. The homeowner also told police that the house seemed to be in fine shape except for the master bedroom, which was in complete disarray. Officers noticed an overturned mattress and dresser drawers that had obviously been rummaged through. Police also found empty jewelry boxes. According to the homeowner, $800 worth of earings, $150 worth of watches, $100 worth of earrings and a $1000 pearl necklace were all stolen. The homeowner also reported that two handguns had been stolen. Police currently have no suspects in the break-in.

"I Drunk"

On March 8 an officer pulled over a car for driving 85 mph in a 45 mph zone. When the officer approached the driver and asked him how he was doing tonight, the driver – identified as Luis Hurtado-Espinosa – only had two words for him, "I drunk." When the officer asked Hurtado for his address, Hurtado again only offered the the officer two words, "I drunk." The officer then asked Hurtado to step out of the car, to which Hurtado replied, you guessed it, "I drunk." Hurtado eventually stepped out of the car and admitted to the officer that he had drank 17 beers on the night. The officer then asked Hurtado if he would like to take some alcohol evaluations, but Hurtado said he didn't want to, "no need to examine, I drunk." The officer asked if Hurtado would like to take the roadside Breathalyzer, Hurtado's reply, "I drink too much beer." Hurtado was arrested for speeding and DUI.

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