Thursday, March 10, 2011

Break Ins Follow Up - Incident 7.



As we shared this past week, we reached out to the Milton Police Department requesting information on the recent breakins throughout the city.

Thanks to Police Chief Harrell and Katherine Fies of the Milton Police Department, we have received police reports involving these burglaries.

Out of respect for the victims, we will not post their names or numerical address. In addition, any information that could aid our Milton Police Officers regarding this or any other investigation will be removed. However, the rest will be complete and verbatim via the officer's report.

Additional reports will be posted one at a time every 24 hours.

Many thanks to the Milton Police Department for coming to those in need.
Agency Name: Milton Police Department
ORI: GA 0605700
Location of Incident: XXXXX Thompson Road, Milton GA 30004
Crime Incidents: Burglary / Forced / Res - 16-7-1.
Premise Type: Residence / Home.
Weapons / Tools: Unknown / Not stated.
Zone / Tract: MP31.
Date / Time Reported: 02/18/2011; 18:22 Fri
Last known secure: 02/18/2011; 12:00 Fri
At Found: 02/18/2011; 18:22 Fri
Victim: XXXXX; White male; Age 61.
Officer / ID#:Wong, J. (1198)
Assisting Officers: Hickerson, J.M. (1166)
Grey, K (1209)
Supervisor: Parker, T. (1119)


On Friday, 02/18/2011 at approximately 1822 hours, I was dispatched to XXXXX Thompson Road regarding a burglary. The complainant, XXXXX, stated that several items were stolen from his residence.

The complainant stated that his home was secured on Friday, 2/18/2011 at approximately 1200 hours, and that upon his return at approximately 1822 hours, the back door window was broken and the door was kicked in. The complainant searched the house and determined that the following items were taken:

Gold chains, several lengths.
One (1) blue topaz and diamond pendant with a blue clip.
Two (2) topaz and diamond earrings.
One (1) topaz and diamond ring.
One (1) silver necklace with a silver and gold heart charm, approximately 1 and 1/4 inches in size.
One (1) silver necklace with a silver University of Georgia Mascot charm.
One (1) yellow gold 3/4 inch cursive "L" with diamond setting charm.

The valuation of the jewelry is estimated at $3,000.

One (1) Samsung 22 inch flat panel television, model number LN22A650, valued at $500.
One (1) Toshiba lap top computer, model number Satellite A100, serial number Z9320377Q, valued at $700.

Estimated total loss is $4200.00.

I observed a partial footwear impression on the back door. The impression was photographed by Lieutenant Parker. I searched the residence for developable friction impressions...(remaining part of sentence removed to protect investigation.)

The laptop computer was entered onto NCIC as a stolen article.

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