Thursday, March 24, 2011

Introducing "THE ENLOE SHOW."

by Tim Enloe; has become the #1 website for all things Milton Georgia due to input from our readers. Much of what we post is information being forwarded to us or suggestions sent our way.

Recently, a reader asked us if we would be willing to interview
a certain person on video. As we spoke, the discussion evolved to not just doing a video interview on one individual or topic, but for numerous.

With that in mind, is proud to announce "The Enloe Show." This segment will focus on video interviews regarding any and everything about Milton. We will post the upcoming interview subject here prior so that citizens can weigh in on what questions they would like to be included.

This addition also enhances our slogan; that being "; where YOU choose the news!"

Feel free to make suggetions below on who or what you would like to be interviewed and we will do our very best to make it happen.

Thanks for being a part of


Anonymous said...

intrview jzb about her thesarus being stolen

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this show will be as successful as the Open Roads videos (one episode showing Tim picking up trash in front of his shack). Get real, like us, you are not that important. The Enloe show is the story of your life, your 15 mins are up

Anonymous said...

Post 10:53 what have you done for Milton? YOU are not important so move on and out. We are tired of reading all your nasty comments.

Anonymous said...


interview these people and it will increase hits to your website:

joe lockwood ob jzb diva versa

i want to know why they all suck.

Anonymous said...

Let's interview previous City Council members and candidates:

Al Trevillian
Roger Santi
Bernard Wolfe
Rick Mohrig
Neal O'Brien
and others. Tim who also ran when you ran, Lock, Eddie Moore,Ragsdale, others?
Be nice to see what these folks who at the time had a passion for our city are doing or have done to keep engaged in our community.

Oh and lets offer a reward for anyone who exposes the lone nasty blogger on your site, who is obsessed with anything YOU and your website? I will throw in some change to embarass and expose them.
Let's take up a collection!

Anonymous said...

I like the post 9:19 AM and suggestions. Hope some of these people come forward and express their opinions.

Regarding the nasty blogger, I too will support exposing this person.

Anonymous said...

Nasty Blogger? Power Ranger? Let's find 'em!

Anonymous said...

No, just the foul mouth woman making the hateful comments.

Anonymous said...

Hope a previous candidate comes forward. This would be an opportunity to express your views on direction this city is going. Most of council will be voted out as well as Joe in 2013.

Anonymous said...

Let's expose Rhonda and so on for all they have done since moving to this city. Right Nasty Blogger?