Tuesday, March 08, 2011

NPR Execs Bash Tea Party.

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Anonymous said...

While I do not agree with the commentary of NPR executives, the Tea Party is a sad political movement. If you were to post one of their meetings, it would be more than evident.

Why must we be constantly subjected to one political ideology on this blog?

Anonymous said...

Is someone holding a gun to your head?

Anonymous said...

Do you feel insecure about your political beliefs? Is it that you can't have anyone question how you think without becoming hostile? Why not be more balanced in your presentation of politics? Everyone in Milton does not share your political beliefs.

Anonymous said...

5:36PM, odds are that not everyone in Milton shares your political beliefs either. CASE CLOSED

Anonymous said...

I'm sure people do have different political beleifs than I have, and I am respectful of those beliefs. Who are you to tell anyone "Case Closed"? Honestly, you sound just like one of those peole NPR executives were talking about. Instead of considering someone else's perspecive, your immediate reaction is to shut it down-- not very intellectual. Worst of all, you are the type of person that would be insulted that anyone would point that out to you... no opportunity for growth or self-reflection.

Anonymous said...

My question with reference to holding a gun to your head, an old southern saying, equates to whether you are being forced against your will, and nothing more, to do something you don't want to do.

Your response questioning my insecurity and hostility is amusing and not worthy of response. My response pointed out that odds were that others probably did not share your political beliefs either and CASE CLOSED to which you took exception.

Maybe I did not use the best judgment when I did not state, "as far as I'm concerned my side of the case is CLOSED."

Simply put, I do not contest your right to your political opinion or any other opinion(s) you hold.

Belittlement is not my cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

1:21PM, there's another old southern saying: Don't let your steamboat mouth overflow your rowboat a--.