Monday, March 07, 2011

Milton Officer Fregosi Keeping Roads Safe.


Milton Police Officer Fregosi was on the job once again on February 27.

As he was patrolling the Deerfield area, he witnessed a Jeep Cherokee run a stop sign near Morris Road; nearly hitting his police cruiser.

The driver stated that he was the official designated driver and had two other occupants in the vehicle with him. Upon further investigation, Ofc Fregosi noticed the suspect had a Wild Wings Cafe band around his wrist. Wild Wings Cafe is located off of Windward Parkway.

After various sobriety test were performed, 24 year old Atlanta resident Steven Christensen would be ticketed for DUI and failure to stop at a posted stop sign.

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Anonymous said...

I bet that one doesnt live in Milton either.....Can we see a patten. Oh thats right Morris and Deerfield is the part of town where the undesirables live..