Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Break Ins Follow Up - Incident 3.



As we shared this past week, we reached out to the Milton Police Department requesting information on the recent breakins throughout the city.

Thanks to Police Chief Harrell and Katherine Fies of the Milton Police Department, we have received police reports involving these burglaries.

Out of respect for the victims, we will not post their names or numerical address. In addition, any information that could aid our Milton Police Officers regarding this or any other investigation will be removed. However, the rest will be complete and verbatim via the officer's report.

Additional reports will be posted one at a time every 24 hours.

Many thanks to the Milton Police Department for coming to those in need.
Agency Name: Milton Police Department.
ORI GA 0605700
Location of Incident: XXX Buckland Run, Milton GA 30004
Crime Incidents: Entering Auto to commit a theft 16-8-18
Premise type: Residence / Home
Zone / Tract: 3A
Weapon / Tools: Not applicable.
Case# 11-00252
Date / Time Reported: 02/15/2011 / 14:08 Tue
Last known secure: 02/15/2001 / 00:01 Tue
At Found: 02/15/2011 / 02:00 Tue
Victim: XXXXXX, 57 year old white male.
Officer / ID: Johnson, S. (1207)
Invest / ID: Barry, K. (1188)

I responded to XXX Buckland Run in reference to an entering auto call.
Upon arrival, I made contact with the victim, XXXXX. XXXXX stated that sometime during the night unknown person (s) entered two different vehicles parked in his driveway. XXXXX stated that the Ipod Nano, Maui Jim sunglasses and the misc cds were all taken from the Toyota Supra. The victim also stated that the Garmin GPS and Ipod Touch were taken from the Ford Taurus.

XXXXX advised me that his alarm system on the Toyota Supra went off during the night sometime between the hours of 0001 and 0200 hours.

The victim stated that he was unsure of the exact time. There were no serial numbers available at the time of this report.

There was no damage done to either vehicle. I supplied XXXX we a card containing his case #.

Note: The Ford Taurus was not on scene at the time of the report. The victim's daughter had driven the vehicle to school.

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