Thursday, May 05, 2011

Drivers May Be Taxed On Number Of Miles Driven.

NOTE: In light of the redistricting topic and commutes, Melissa of Milton was kind enough to send us the following story.
Courtesy wsbtv

ATLANTA -- Drivers could be taxed on the number of miles they drive, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Insurance companies already track customers who give their permission.

"Some companies use a gadget that you plug into your computer system,"
said Dave Colman with the Georgia Insurance Information Service.

"Fundamentally, it has a little cellphone built into it and they know how many miles you've driven and that sort of thing so they can assess risk," Colman said.

But Colman added, "That's one thing, that's voluntary. People agree to do that. Another thing is when the federal government decides that they want to track your vehicle everywhere you go."

The idea of more taxes and less privacy has drivers talking.

"I think we pay enough in taxes to pay for our roads," said driver Nicole Cheroff.

Brendan Mitchell disagreed. "Oh, I drive a lot but I'd rather the highways be in good shape than be in the condition that they are are right now."
Right now, drivers pay for roads every time they pump gas. But Channel 2 consumer adviser Clark Howard said that can be unfair. He drives a hybrid and hardly uses any gas.

Oregon, Texas and Washington state are already considering a tax based on the miles people drive.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the USSR, Marxist and socialist country, formerly the USA.

A cheese doodle over Obama in 2012!!

Anonymous said...

You obviously don't appreciate President Obama, but is it necessary to demean him? "A cheese doodle over Obama in 2012" sounds very immature and backwards.

Anonymous said...

You are just tooo sensitive.

Anonymous said...

fair... but I'm not crass.

Anonymous said...

Would you be happy when the US Constitution disappears? He believes and said in his book it is a living breathing document that needs to be changed. So are you willing to give up the Constitution and your rights? Or do you like the idea of your miles taxed, travel habits tracked?and a noose around the neck of Freedom in America?
People are still mesmerized, and that's freaky at this point, really.

Cheese Doodle Isn't too far off.
Here's a tissue.

Anonymous said...

Who appreciates President Obama? Before he gave the ok to take out Biin Laden, exactly what was he actually appreciated for? Increasing our debt a few trillion, forcing healthcare down our throats when no one read the bill?
Creating all those jobs with his spending bill after the first tarp? Using an executive order to attack Lybia and have NATO command our troops....taking over General Motors on the backs of the taxpayers....increasing gas prices now over $4 a gallon. when Bush was in office and gas hit four per gallon, Hillary Clinton was demanding Bush be impeached over it, really!! Wait till gas hits five this
summer, is it still gonna be Bush's fault?

I am so sorry your feelings got hurt someone wants to elect a cheese ball over our sitting president. Pretty funny actually.

He, Pelosi, and Reid were the wrecking ball of America.
Notice inflation yet? And now taxing us on how far we drive? He promised not to raise taxes on people making over $200,000 a year. Not directly, however in every other way imaginable your taxes are going up, up, up, under his direction.

Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, blah. The real issue is that no one wants to pay taxes, even on the resources they consume. Paying taxes for what you use is a pretty straightforward tax policy. Getting a free ride from someone paying the same tax as you but using the resource less, now that's redistribution of wealth (i.e., socialism)! Cheese doodle to you, whatever that means.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Yankee Doodle!

Anonymous said...

1:00 and 1:16, you may not agree with President Obama's politics, but he is far from a a"cheese doodle." He earned a B.A. from Columbia University, law degree from Harvard, was the president of the Harvard Law Review, served three terms in the Illinois senate, is a best selling author, was named a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, and is the current President of the United States of America.

What makes you the authority on any political position? Thus far all you have done is behaved in a passive aggressive manner by complaining and ridiculing. Not once have you offered any viable solutions.

Anonymous said...

He is only missing the sticky orange residue left on ones fingers, other than that fair assessment.

Anonymous said...

Viable solution.

Anonymous said...

Let's just shut up; drive to work so we can pay our taxes for the day. Before long it could be taxes collected everyday; then how would you like that? On every thing you do! People of the USA are being taxed to death. Heck no I will not give up; I will vote and protest if needed to stop so many taxes.