Monday, May 23, 2011

In Milton, You Are A "Bad Cop" If You Do Your Job.

By Tim Enloe;

Earlier this month, we posted a story on some recent crime enforcement that one of the Milton Police Officers performed over a course of a week.

Some of the laws this officer enforced were DUI's as well as wreckless driving among other things. He was removing dangerous individuals off the roads that you and your families frequent. Individuals willing to do your family harm by their actions.

Over all, it was simply a good story letting the Milton constituency know that our officers work dangerous and long hours to keep our loved ones and families safe while putting their lives on the line 100% of the time.

Just today, however, various comments came in on this particular post. Some calling this individual "overly aggressive" making claims that he "slammed me on the hood for no reason." One very omniscient individual
even went so far as to state that Milton needed to " fire your cops, we don't want them."

With all of this incredible knowledge, I am truly at a loss as to why Milton isn't paved in gold with angels singing as you enter this hallowed city! I mean, who can compete with such intelligence and higher thinking?

It should be stressed, that while I have been on ride-alongs with our police department, I have yet to ride with this officer. However, any such claims can be confirmed or disproven by simply requesting a video tape of such stop. One would think these individuals would have shared their accusations all over the media and sued for millions if such claims were true. Then again, certain habits are known to encourage memory loss.

As we all know, this editorial will receive input from the same folk. Not to worry, oh victimized ones, as I have some suggestions that should make you smile!

I propose that the City of Milton create a "user fee" system when it comes to using the Milton Police Department. That way, all of these "innocent victims" will no longer be bullied by the terrible MPD.

So, when your wife, mother, or sister decides to take a shower and no one is home and a man enters your home with a knife to rape your loved one, I have no doubt your use of the Force will let you not only know about this evil violator due to your seeing things before they happen, but you will also be able to battle him not with guns, but with your lightsaber. Yes, I know you are faster than the average police cruiser too. After all, you are YOU!

In addition, any time a driver is speeding or under the influence near your loved ones, these terrible not needed officers will know to look the other way by the "I'M PERFECT-BACK OFF!" sticker on the back of your loved one's leased vehicle. Of course, we do request that you do not call 911 and ask that your loved one who is splattered all over that tree and sidewalk be picked up by those in public safety. I do recommend, however, that you make sure a shovel is in your vehicle at all times...I have heard that blood and other internal body tissue can stick to surfaces over a period of time. Then again, you can wait for the coyotes, opposums and racoons to come out that night. And who said you weren't "Green"?

I, however, am very willing to pay for the protection the Milton Police Department provides to insure my family is kept safe. Officers, feel free to patrol the streets I drive or pull me over at any time if I am breaking the law. Laws, by the way, that were created by elected officials that taxpayers voted for. Search my vehicle or home whenever you deem it necessary! I encourage you to do the same for my loved ones as well. However, I do request that you return the favor for those that are willing to do myself and my loved ones harm.

Bottom line is this, the more citizens continue to complain about these men and women who are putting their lives on line for us, the sooner they will leave for employment that actually appreciates their sacrifice.

Then, citizens will get the sterotypical donut eating corrupt cop who would no sooner take a bullet to protect a citizen or enforce the law than those who are so willing to attack our officers blindly to identify themselves. No doubt that such a lesser officer would not be opposed to bribes to look the other way as well.

I encourage anyone reading this article to not believe or agree with what I have written here. What I do encourage you to do is to request a ride along with any Milton Officer of your choice. See what these individuals deal with day in and day out that the general media chooses to ignore. After which, we would love to hear your opinion on how terrible they are.

Maybe then, some objectivity might actual come in to play. One would have thought that we learned about the justification of support from the blind eye that was given to our military returning home from Vietnam. Then again, society is so willing to forget...


Anonymous said...

No denying our Milton Police are doing an outstanding job. Many of us do in fact feel the same as you about "these men in uniform". Our public servants deserve much praise and I think they get the good with the bad, comments or crooks.

What is the difference between the respect expected. and shown to these men and women serving our community and others who do the same? I have not seen the comments you refer to in your editorial but I can assure you that the same respect ought to be given to all public servants in The City of Milton.

Delete derogatory comments against any and all City of Milton police officers. While you are at it, do the same for all public servants, city staff, seated city council, the mayor and ALL citizens.

You could very well be adding to the negativity by not doing so and thereby diluting the authenticity your message.

Anonymous said...

Tim, you're a big boy, someone is "pulling your chain".

Anonymous said...

Appears as though first comment was posted by an elected official of milton who is trying to cover his tracks. Believe there are a lot of tracks to cover. Oh yes!

Anonymous said...

The best solution to Milton's problems might be for Tim to shut down this blog site and go to work for the MPD

Anonymous said...

I agree with 12:21 that the blog should shut down.

Tim, instead why don't you run for office again and use your words to actually change things instead of encourage anonymous and weak statements from cowardly people who hide behind a keyboard. Our society has forgoten what it means to look a person in the eye and tell the truth! We spend too much time talking and not enough changing.


another anonymous Milton citizen who is scared of the POWERS THAT BE!

Tim Enloe said...


It would be nice if everyone was decent and objective to one another in today's world, but it isn't realistic unfortunately. If did not exist, in today's internet world, another site would come about.

Also, regarding my running, I tried that one time and didn't win. Even so, I still have tried to contribute not only ideas, but also give financial support to the city.

Regardless, I do encourage all of you who read this comment to reach out the Milton Police Department and support them. They are good people working hard to look after our families and property.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

Well lets face it. Most of "the Milton Residents " think they are above the law. I say that evey cop in Miltpn should stop enforcing the law for a few days and take extended coffee breaks when they recieve a call for service. NO MPD officer is welcome in that town is welcome if he/she tries to do their job. I know that. The people in charge will ignore all evidence of a crime if your rich and white ..

Anonymous said...

What happens if you're a poor minority?

Anonymous said...

11:43..really?? Its open season. They don't matter.. According to those in charge.

Anonymous said...

There was one lazy cop on day shift, approx 1:30pm, Saturday 05-28-11, on South Thompson Rd. You know who you are.

Anonymous said...

post 8:14. well that's what you people want. right? There is no way to satisfy you self righteous, better than everyone else people. He or she is doing what he or she has been told to do...NOT a Damn Thing!

Anonymous said...

Hey chief, I have always respected those people who could follow orders, rules and instructions. If you were that officer, you were doing a very good job of not doing a damn thing, so kudos to you.

Anonymous said...

I have heard the there will be a contest between milton pd and alpharetta pd as to who can write the most tickets in june be warned

Anonymous said...

APD will write the tickets, while MPD sits around looking pretty.