Monday, May 23, 2011

Maybe One Day Citizens Will Appreciate The MPD In The Same Fashion...

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Anonymous said...

Great video, especially with our holiday approaching. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Great video indeed! Poor choice of comparisons.

Our servicemen and servicewoman deserve that ovation everyday. They leave their homes, place their families life on hold, subject their families to unimaginable hardships and do while foregoing the constitutional rights they set out to protect.

Not to belittle the MPD or any other justice system organization. Any law enforcement professional who has or is serving in the military will clearly articulate and acknowledge the difference.

Thanks to all who served in the Armed Forces and the adjunct services (Merchant Marines, Coast Guard, To our soulmates who came back wearing the ultimate badge of honor, your sacrifice is present on the land we stand on. And to the ones to whom we have not fulfilled our commitment, we are not a Nation until you come back to your land.

If you were able to read this post, thank your teacher. If you are able to read this post in English, thank a serviceperson. If you read this post in the morning, thank the ones who stayed up at night.

Anonymous said...

Forgive Tim, he sometimes get a little carried away with his praise for his heros.

Tim Enloe said...

11:25 =

I enjoyed reading your post and share many of the sentiments you do regarding the high regard for those in the military. Every day, we should thank them for their service.

Where I differ is that there service is any different as opposed to the fire and police of the homeland. Who can forget 9/11?

Both groups leave their homes and place their families lives on hold, subject their families to hardship,and do so while protecting the citizens of this country from those that would choose to do them harm. As we both know, when one chooses a career of such magnitude, they definitely are not going that route for big money.

I suppose I equate all equally as both are willing to risk their lives for our loved ones.

Maybe you and I can create a support group for those Milton families who serve; be it abroad or the homeland; be it army or police.

But I do stand with you on your great praise for the military, especially with Memorial day on the horizon.

All the best,

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

Tim, you are a good and caring person. Thanks for all you do for our city.