Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crime Alive & Well In Milton.

Milton Police Department Work Overtime To Help Citizens.


You see them here and there if you are lucky. At times, sirens are blaring as they
rush to those in need. Other times, they are working hard to enforce the laws that those elected by the tax payers put into place. Either way, the Milton Police Department
continues to put their lives on the line Milton families each and every day.

On May 4th, the MPD Officer Gray was called to a residence on Hopewell Grove. A resident claimed that a diamond earring with a value of $1,551 was taken from her home.

She assumed that the maid service had taken the item, which they denied.

On another note, MPD Officer Hickerson continues his war against drunk drivers in Milton.

On May 5th right past midnight, he noticed a black Yukon swerving on Highway 9 near Webb Road. Eventually, he pulled the suspect over in front of the Windward.

Alpharetta resident Nancy Griggs, who is 53, was ticketed for DUI and failure to maintain her lane.

While garden season might be in full swing, smoking one of the countries illegal substances is not a fertile move.

A Milton High School student was busted for possession of marijuana in the incomplete Lake Haven subdivision off of Freemanville Road along with is girlfriend.

As MPD Officer Ward was patrolling the development at 10am on May 6th, he noticed the suspect's Toyota Highlander parked at the end of one of the roads.

Upon further investigation, two glass pipes were found within the vehicle along with two bags containing the happy grass.

Both teens were released into the male teen's mother's custody.

Earlier in the week, Officer Ward continued his service to citizens. On May 2nd, he answered a theft call off of Morris Road. A case skid steer loader had evidently been lifted from a construction site in the vacinity.

The piece of equipment was last seen on April 30th.

On May 6th, an anger Milton Mother made sure that the family bicycle stayed home.

After her children witnessed the suspect go into the Red Hart Lane family garage and take off on the bike, she ran after and eventually reached him. The suspect jumped off and ran away.

MPD Officer Fregosi was not able to locate the individual in quesiton.

These stories are but a snap shot of what the Milton Police Department deals with each and every day. If you see an officer out and about, say hello and introduce yourself. After all, heroes like to be thanked just like you and me.


Anonymous said...

We need more police on Milton's police force. Tim how many cops do we have compared to Alpharetta and johns creek? It's obvious we need more.

Anonymous said...

Also report number of times Alpharetta Fire & Police have propped up Milton on service calls.