Friday, May 06, 2011

City of Milton staff donate to local resident’s Alabama tornado relief effort.

Milton City Clerk Sudie Gordon, left, and Director of Parks and Recreation Cyndee Bonacci, right, help Abbe Laboda load items into her truck.


Today city of Milton staff, joined by City of Duluth staff, donated a truckload full of items to Milton resident Abbe Laboda’s drive for items going to tornado ravaged residents of Tuscaloosa, Ala.

The donated goods join a slew of other items given by Milton residents at drop-off locations Sip restaurant in Crabapple and North Park.

The items, including diapers, gas cans, water, clothing, and much, much more is head to Alabama tonight. Laboda and her husband, Steve Laboda, both University of Alabama alumni, are driving the supplies to Alabama themselves.

The Labodas will continue to take items to Alabama as need continues. To donate, please e-mail


Anonymous said...

Would the City of Milton even bothered to put this on their website had "staff" not contributed. Jason is terrific at only posting things that constantly pat the COM on the back for every little thing. The residents in Milton gave tons of stuff, although mentioned, the story headline and picture had to be of "staff" and not residents dropping off items. Koodos to the Laboda's and all those other "residents' who donated, as well as city staff. It just would be nice if Jason didn't cherry pick and toot their own horn about picking daisy's all day's getting old.

Oh, and what ever happened to all those saplings, 800 of them, that were supposed to be planted on public property, the reason for the donation could be made was to plant them on public property. Where exactly where those trees planted,, could you do a follow up on that Tim? Did the trees end up in the trash or in peoples yards. It shouldn't be hard to find 800 saplings planted on public property. They should have had a follow up story to see where the trees were planted and if they are still alive. Just would like to know where they are, simple request, since they did a full page spread on their website about it..
Leaving it up to 800 elementary students to plant those tress on public property?? Has anyone seen 800 families sporadically planting trees on public property in Milton?

Anonymous said...

5:58 you sound like a big bummer. Take a nice story and then run off like that. How about you call the city and ask why?

Anonymous said...

The answer to the First Question is yes.

Anonymous said...

I am a recent transplant from the Northeast and always had an image of the Southerner with a positive and happy disposition. In reading posts on this and other sites I see that the Southerner is just like everyone else - bitter and bitchy. Makes me happy - I was afraid I would fit in!!

Anonymous said...

You are so full of it, you fit right in.