Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Warm up to our new programs.

Not to put too much faith in the little guy, but General Beauregard Lee, Georgia’s groundhog, was apparently right on the money when he predicted a quick end to winter this year. The last few weeks have been absolutely beautiful, and I love it. Now I’m just looking forward to March 13, when we’ll ”spring” forward and get that extra hour of daylight.

I have an idea of what to do with these optimal conditions: Let’s make a pledge to get outside and be rejuvenated by the sunshine and fresh air. Let’s pledge to make this spring like none other in Milton’s history.

I can already point to one way we’re fulfilling that promise: Late February saw the start of three new recreation programs for children in the City of Milton – our first effort in this sorely needed area. Thanks to the hard work of our Parks and Recreation Department –Director Cyndee Bonacci and Recreation Coordinator Tom Gilliam – we are now offering soccer, flag football and Jr. Jazzercise. These join our already popular fitness camps and will soon be part of a range of programs offered through the City of Milton (stay tuned for a full list in just a little while).

Each of these programs has been created with Milton’s overall philosophy of partnering for smarter, more efficient government. Soccer and flag football are offered through a partnership with i9 Sports of North Fulton/Forsyth and an intergovernmental agreement with both Cogburn Woods and Birmingham Falls Elementary. The Jr. Jazzercise program is achieved through a partnership with instructor Jessica Miller and Milton-based Wellness Centers of America.

What we are able to provide with these partnerships are great, mature programs without a large expense or wealth of resources. It’s a new way to look at government, and it’s a way Milton has embraced in many forms since its founding in 2006.

I think we’re very lucky in Milton for a number of reasons. Obviously, we’ve got a great standard of living, incredible schools and unmatched local businesses. We’ve got a wealth of good people all working very hard to make Milton the best community in North Fulton, the southeast, the United States, even the world.

But one of our greatest strengths, in my opinion, is our freedom. As a young city, we don’t have the “business as usual” hindrance that can bog down exciting new ideas and ways of looking at the world. That freedom is allowing us to follow these new opportunities, evaluate the success, and make new decisions.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’d like to tell me what you think, don’t hesitate. I’m always available.

Mayor Joe Lockwood

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