Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Redistricting Explained.

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Courtesy Protect Kids.


Anonymous said...

"We are from the board. We are here to help.


Anonymous said...

The community elected them .. the community shall bear the consequences... Those who ignore history shall be victims of the their own ignorance... Redistricting is a political move to garner potential votes. It's a point in time. Elect, dissect, inquest, collaborate and terminate (EDICT)... Those who trade temporary security for their rights deserve neither. Politicians are puppets of our needs. Lacking a puppetmaster, the puppet reigns. Voting is the opening act of democracy. Inquest is the act of democracy. Rejecting worthless elected officials is citizenship.

Anonymous said...

26 times? How many of those did they get right? If they got all those prior right, then why are we redistricting again and building schools in the inappropriate locations?

Go back to before MHS was built, can we get a do-over! Should have taken care of the need for the children back then instead of the Palace situated between B-ham and Freemanville. Should they not have built two schools then? Where was the "help" then, the forsight in growth? they could have build two for the amount of money they spent on that one!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the cartoon called the tax increase.

Is the one on the left a resident of Milton? Think she's run for city council?

Anonymous said...

I vote for the cartoon Bear to replace any of them.