Friday, March 11, 2011

Important Announcement:

Roswell Town Hall High School Redistricting Meeting
The City of Roswell Mayor, Jere Wood, in response to the overwhelming concerns of the Roswell Community, in regard to the Fulton County Board of Education Redistricting, will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 at 7:00 pm. The meeting will be at the Hembree Park Community Activity Building, 850 Hembree Road in Roswell.

The purpose of the meeting is to openly discuss the FCBOE Redistricting due to the building of a new high school on Bethany Road in Milton, GA. All residents, parents, and students from the cities of Roswell, Milton, and Alpharetta are invited and encouraged to attend. The entire FCBOE Board has been invited, as well as Georgia Representative Jan Jones, Representative John Albers, and others. The redistricting will permanently change the communites and affect the traffic patterns in all three cities. This redistricting will impact Roswell High School, Milton High School, and Alpharetta High School students. Please plan to attend to have your voices and opinions heard. The time is NOW!

-Courtesy of AccessMilton.


Anonymous said...

Go Jere!!

Cari Begin said...

Isn't this the same date and time as the school district community meeting?

Anonymous said...

No the school district meeting is Wednesday I believe, the 16th, again at Alpharetta High School. Why there? Milton and Roswell will be affected the most and they have all three meetings at AHS!!

Anonymous said...

They moved the Roswell Principal to the new Bethany High School! OMG! They should have put him in Milton and moved Jones to the new school, that way all those Roswell kids will feel at home once they shove them into MHS.

Anonymous said...

The meeting is Wednesday, March 16th, at Alpharetta High School.

It's on the front page.

Anonymous said...

The school board meeting is Wednesday. the only meeting where it sounds like you can actually say something is Tuesday at Hembree park.

Unknown said...

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