Monday, March 01, 2010

On the horizon.

March 5-14: Residents should keep an eye out for the City of Milton Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment Survey

March 31: Businesses must renew their licenses with the City of Milton
Click here to view Milton's Business license renewal form

April 1: Homestead exemption filing deadline with Fulton County
Click here to view Fulton County's Homestead Exemption page
April 18-24: Georgia Cities Week
Click here to learn more about Georgia Cities Week

May 31: Milton's homestead exemption filing deadline
Click here to view Milton's Homestead Exemption forms


Anonymous said...

I did not vote for the city of Milton, but I'm stuck with it. So people lets get our act together. This new city is so screwed up. Nobody knows what the hell they are doing. As much as I hate being part of Fulton county if you want to see your taxes sky rocket let's form Milton county. This is all just a big mess. If this happens I hope we have better leadership in place.

Anonymous said...

You got it right, brother or sister.

Anonymous said...

Milton County left 01/01/1932 and will not be returning. I hope this doesn't burst The SHERIFF and BURKY's bubble.