Thursday, March 11, 2010

'Stupid In America' - A 20/20 Special.


In light of the cut backs that are hitting public education, we though the following 20 /20 special, 'Stupid In America', might be of interest.

As you watch this, some things to consider:

1. Alpharetta High just recieved a $375,000 Sports Plasma screen for their football stadium.
2. The new Milton High School cost an estimated $100 million to build.
3. The new Milton High School does not have vocational classes such as horticulture, TV productions, or Metal / Auto tech like the old location did.
4. The grass at the new Milton High Stadium cost an estimated $80k.
5. The Fulton County Board of Education forcibly removed seven families from their homes due to this branch of government not planning ahead in order to make way for the 'New" Milton High.
5. The new high school being built on Bethany Way will cost an estimated $80 million dollars. Keep in mind, the new Milton was supposed to alleviate over crowding.
6. Johns Creek has two public high schools located less than one mile from another.
7. Milton GA is 40 square miles. On each twelve hour shift, only four officers are patrolling our streets.
8. 80% of the state's firemen and police officers work second jobs to make ends meet.

Watch away and come to your own conclusion. But remember, as Thomas Jefferson said, "Dissension is the greatest form of patriotism."


Anonymous said...

Thanks Tim.

Oh yeah, throw money and more money at education, every thing will be fine.

Anonymous said...

And it gets better, the Fulton County School Board announced major cut backs in funding which includes cutting 25% of the School Police Officers. FC plans on having ONE Officer in the High Schools and removing all of them from the Middle Schools. The SOUTHSIDE Schools will have TWO Officers in all the High Schools. Looks like they are abandoning Northside (as usual)in preparation of Milton County becoming a reality.

Anonymous said...

Could be that our little darlings up here are better behaved than the little darlings of the south.

Anonymous said...

What cuts were proposed at the central office?

Anonymous said...

Probably none. Reduction in force is always aimed at the lower echelon where the work is being done.

Go to Fulton Schools website and check out the organizational chart. Probably somewhere in there is a person(s) who is in charge of calling meetings. (S)he has an assistant or two. To carry out the job description they call a meeting to determine if a meeting should be called. During this meeting it is discovered that a certain individual(s) has been left out. The meeting is adjourned.

A second meeting is called, with the intentions of ascertaining whether a meeting should be called as originally planned with the calling of the first meeting.

A superior hears about the second meeting, of which he was not included. Guess what, another meeting (the third) is called. During this third meeting, it is determined that there was no need for the first, second and third meeting. However, before the meeting can be adjourned, it is believed another superior may question such action, so guess what, we will call a fourth meeting and this continues on and on.

Now you understand these individuals are indispensable and must be retained at all costs. So, how many janitors can we cut in order to save the salaries of these meeting callers.

When calling someone in the central office, have you been told they are not available due to being in a meeting.

It might blow your mind if you actually knew the resources (MONEY) that is wasted.

Anonymous said...

Once again Tim. How many of those families have you picked up the phone and talked to. The ones I know of got more money from their land than they ever would have been able to get especially now when real estate is so bad. Some of those families might have even been forced into foreclosure. QUIT talking for those land owners! Unless it is out there, written by them, than you have no right to be speaking for them. It gets very old Tim for you to keep repeating yourself. It's over and done with!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Poster 10:19

Sounds like a council meeting for Milton.

Tim Enloe said...

What is the matter, 7:40rn? Hating the fact that the dirty little secret of your unecessary high school continues to rear it's ugly history and tarnish that obnoxious behemoth of taxpayer waste on Freemanville?

I will continue to repeat this horrible socialistic history to anyone who is out there, so get used to it!

I spoke to the majority of the families when the FCBOE was going around saying "enie menie minie moe, who should we kick out? Oh, I don't know..." I was also at many meetings where I met all but one of the families - were you there too? I doubt it.

One property owner even called Katie Reeves "a horrible person" in Appen newspapers for committing the evil that she and her fellow cronies did behind closed doors.

I bet the fools at the FCBOE wish that hadn't blown hundreds of millons of dollars on all these schools now, eh? Better yet, if those in charge actually had a clue, they would realize that the best students come from the best teachers; not a huge waste of space building with a skies the limit price tag.

And, no, none of them were in foreclosure. Actually, none of their homes were even for sale. The majority of the families had lived here for quite a long time. Some properties were even paid for in full.

You can't compare "then" and "now." Two totally different time periods.

It is a sad day when a country which prides itself on a citizen's right to own property turns on it's own due to a branch of the same gov't not planning ahead and making others pay the piper.

What is even more pathetic is that a person like yourself is ok with it. If the same happend to you, you would cry foul loud and clear until the cows came home. And people wonder what is wrong with America today...

Oh and for the record, others are finally waking up to the blatant corruption of the public school system. Don't you just hate it?

I am right here.
Call me, sweetheart!

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

The FCBOE never heard of saving for a rainy day, much less know the meaning of it.

Anonymous said...

That's because any leftovers are put in their pockets.

Anonymous said...

Still paying for that cost over run! Tesch pushed it, Katie greased the skids!