Tuesday, March 09, 2010

March 8 Post-Council Meeting Notice.

Media Contact: Jason Wright
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March 8 Post-Council Meeting Wrap-Up

Note: There was only one item up for vote at the March 8 Special Called meeting.
UNFINISHED BUSINESS(Agenda Item No. 10-1068)

1. Approval of an Ordinance To Amend Chapter 7, Alcoholic Beverages, Of The City Of Milton Code Of Ordinances.

(Presented by Ken Jarrard, City Attorney) APPROVED 7-0


Anonymous said...

Does that mean that The Barn Bottle Shoppe will be able to sell top shelf liquor? Now that we have a full blown liquor store at the gas station across the street. What does the ammendment say? Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

It means servers and waitors can serve alcohol at restaurants and bars. But it also means they can by liquor at liquor stores and wine and beer at the Barn.

Anonymous said...

The owner of The Barn decided to put his store in a development that did not allow for liquor. The gas station property had the correct zoning to allow for a liquor store. While I feel the Barn would be a better fit for the area, it's their fault they can't sell liquor. They should have either done their homework before the signed a lease, or tired to get the conditions changed before they signed the lease.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah I hear you but that's not the whole ball of wax. It's about changing when change is necessary.