Wednesday, March 31, 2010

City Admits Theft Of Logo.

City of Milton Logo Left; Accessmilton logo Right.

By Temura Bly;

Amazing as it might seem, the City Of Milton finally
publicized that they 'borrowed''s logo.

Reported directly from city hall, an employee stated
"I was amazed it took this long...everyone knew."

Looking back, Accessmilton founder Tim Enloe was pleased.
"Finally! Finally! Finally! All we wanted was recognition.
Only now does it finally happen after almost 4 years."

On going problems had come up as to what the solution would be.
Legal advise a plenty, the decision was made for the city to
seek another logo to represent their brand. Click below to see.

The New City Of Milton Logo.


Miltonville said...

Tim, If you could have just seen my face just now as I read this. You got me again but this time for only 10 seconds or about the time it takes for a horse to down a carrot.

Good one :)

Good Morning Milton!

Miltonville said...

And now, I just watched the video in its entirety, and although I'm really into music.....that do you explain that?

Anonymous said...

Who is that singing in the background, Lagerbloom! hah hah

Would you publish the words to that song, it kind of sounds like Umma as well, the words are right up his alley.

Anonymous said...

Tim, there is a definite difference so please find something else to harp about.

Tim Enloe said...

First off, it was an April fool's joke regarding the City admitting blame. Read down the left margin of the story...

Second, anyone with a brain can see that they stole 95% of the image which was created almost a year prior to the theft. All they did was angle theirs.

Enough said.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

"definite difference" you are obviously a mentally challenged person, please stop posting here if you can't pull your head out of your donkey

Anonymous said...

I think both images look more like a smiling cat who is winking!