Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Riddle Me Milton" Monday!


"Riddle Me Milton" is sponsored by Milton's very Own Bobby G's Chicago Eatery!

Every Monday, we will be sharing a riddle that will focus on stories that we have posted right here in the news blogg.

If you are the first to figure out the riddle, you will recieve one of Bobby G's very own authentic CHICAGO HOTDOGS FREE!

If no one gets that week's riddle right, we will upload another one the following Monday.
Last week's answer was: a pine tree.


Early in the morning is when we awake
Getting ready for a pounding for a score we hope to make
Today I might be high, I might be low, I might be lost
No doubt they will purchase replacements at various costs
In the leather bag we go with tread on the pathway
Many use me all year round but others start in May
Tournaments are a coming with hopes of big sums
Who knows? It could be my day to be a hole in one.


Answers must be sent to / subject line "Riddle Me Milton" with your answer within the body of the email.

Winner limited to one prize per month! So, if you've already won for this month, you don't qualify for another chance at winning until the following month.

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Anonymous said...

"Golf ball"! Did I win?

Tim Enloe said...

Send your answer to and we will let you know.

Thanks for playing!

All the best -

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

I think I was right so I am just going to cook myself a hotdog at home. I don't like Bobby G's hotdogs.