Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cox Wants To Raise Lottery Ticket Prices To Fund State's Schools.

Kathy Cox

Courtesy Beacon Media

State schools Superintendent Kathy Cox says lottery ticket prices should be raised to help pay for K-12 education in Georgia.

Cox said during an appearance Friday on CNN that hiking the price by just 50 cents per ticket could raise $350 million to help fill a massive hole left by state budget cuts in the last two years. Cox said raising prices would ensure K-12 got money while also preserving funding for the HOPE college scholarship and state's pre-kindergarten program.

The state constitution already allows lottery revenue to go to technology and buildings for elementary and high schools, but lawmakers stopped allotting that money to K-12 in 2003. Cox said the state's education budget has been slashed by nearly $3 billion in the last 19 months.

Cox, a Republican, is running for her third term as state school chief.

A lottery spokeswoman said she would have a comment early next week.

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Anonymous said...

Instead of raising the price of the lottery tickets, which would affect the people who have no money the most, why not just re-allocate the funds from the lottery until they reach a certain amount needed to make up for the shortfalls. Why do they always go for raising taxes and now the cost of lottery tickets! Come on Cathy, is that the best you can come up with? stay up all night on that idea didya?