Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Poll Up.


We have a new poll up.

It asks:

"Should Milton dissolve and become part of Alpharetta?"

Have your say in the upper right.

Our previous poll asked:

"Complainant Neal O'Brien did not testify at the ethics hearing. Should those who file ethics charges be required to testify?

27 (43%)
35 (56%)

NOTE: There has been an individual who has abused our polls in times past due to him not believing in voters having an equal say. It is our hope that he realizes that these polls are published to give the public a general idea of what the majority are thinking. Hopefully, he will grow up and not mess with the system in place.


Anonymous said...

Question should be: If we will have you, should Milton dissolve and become a part of Alpharetta?

Anonymous said...

Take us or we will litter all over your streets!

Anonymous said...

If I only knew how to manipulate this poll, we be a part of Alphatater in a new york minute.

Anonymous said...

What the heck, let's go to Cherokee.

Anonymous said...

Why would I stop when I am having so much fun? And PS: This new poll seems be neutral in it's wording, so I will not manipulate it.

Good luck.

Tim Enloe said...

Every single poll has been nuetral - it is your bias that gets in the way.

If you like, we can have you list the next poll in ten days. Email it to me at

(Like that is going to happen.)

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

The NO's are ahead. Is someone manipulating the actual count or is it new math?