Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Participants needed for Citizens' Police Academy.

The City of Milton's Police Department is looking for residents interested in taking a free, nine-week Citizens' Police Academy.

Community Outreach Officer Andrew Phillips said the Citizens' Police Academy will features a class size of between 10 to 20 students learning about procedures, uniform patrol division duties, SWAT operations, traffic enforcement and basic police investigations regarding motor vehicle accidents and narcotics.

Participants will also tour Alpharetta's jail and C3, the communications hub from which Milton's calls for service are dispatched. Hard dates for the start and finish of the Citizens' Police Academy will be finalized based on class size and resident response.

For more information, please contact Phillips by e-mailing There is also a form online available for those who wish to participate. Please click here. The form is available on the "Forms" page under "Online Forms" or on the Police Department's "Community Outreach Program" page. For more information, click here.


Anonymous said...

Put Mr Phillips in a cruiser and let him patrol. He would be more effective there than teaching a bunch of suckups in a classroom.

Anonymous said...

Is the Lusk dog & pony show being held in conjunction with this class?