Thursday, March 25, 2010

Planning Commission Denies All Three Tower Applications.

Citizens Speak In Support of Towers / Double Click To Enlarge Screen.

Citizens Speak In Opposition To Towers / Double Click To Enlarge Screen.

By Tim Enloe;

An estimated 60 plus people showed up at City hall as T-mobile's
application to the Milton Planning Commission for
three cell tower permits were heard.

The properties in question are a 50 acre parcel on New Providence Road,a 26 acre parcel on Hopewell Road, and a 10 acre parcel on Mountain Road.

T-mobile representative Shawn Blassingill was more
than prepared as he laid out the argument for. Among other
things mentioned, he relayed that T-mobile has meet all
land use requirments and has not asked for one variance.
In addition, he stated that normally T-mobile looks for
industrial or commercial properties for location, but in
Milton's case there are none.

Sunnybrook Farms resident and tower opponent Kay Norvell made statements on many problems that she viewed the towers would bring; among other things having a negative impact on property values in the area. "This is a commercial structure.There are no commercial structures in our area. The Residents in this area bought their homes because of the residential and or rural view that Milton has to offer," she said. Mrs. Norvell was accompanied by an estimated 15 people from surrounding subdivisons.

John Bogino, owner of Seven Gables Farm and applicant from Hopewell Road, differed relaying that this is a property rights issue and nothing more. He claimed he is well within the law.

Sunnybrook Farms Resident and Realtor Bob Strader concured stating that property rights are one of the founding principals of the country. "If you deny a property owner to rent, mortgage, grow crops, make a living off of their long as it adheres to the laws and zoning that are set fourth, then in my mind it's tenamount to theft," commented Strader.

While the Planning Commission made their decision, it should be stressed that this is merely a recommendation that will be handed off to City Council. There, the final decision will be handed down.

In Milton's brief history, we have witnessed a woman getting ticketed and threated with jail time due to a horse manure pile, an attempt to close a Milton Greenhouse business by Reddstone subdivision, and now towers being denied even though they meet all requirements.

But the question remains; does one property owner have the right to tell another what to do with their property?

That answer is yours to decide.


Anonymous said...

This place has too many just like Cauley & Norvell who have the MEISM syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the will of the people won this round. Great to see so many people involved in this issue from all over the city.

Koodos to those who speak up and out! It's about time more people started getting involved around here and paying attention to our City.

Anonymous said...

If the council follows suite, you'd better pay attention to the City's (your) money, because some dollars gonna be spent on legal fees.

Think that's the will of the people...don't know about them koodos.

Anonymous said...

U think u won?

u lost and u don't even know it.

Towers are a comin.'

Anonymous said...

The problem is people don't stand up for what is right, because of the threat of lawsuits at every corner. That is a travisty. Tort Reform! Tort Reform! Tort Reform!

Nah, that won't happen, they are all in the White House ruining our once Great Nation. Too bad we can't find someone like Lord Eragon from Lord of the Rings, to go into the caves in the mountains and bring back to life our ghostly ancestors, to kick some Liberal butt in this country. Won't happen while Pelosi and Obama share Precious. Frodo, get back the ring!

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, get in the spirit of sharing your money with the rest of nation, it's happened, and we've all allowed it. It's your duty as a citizen to have the city waste your money, just go with it, stop fighting the inevitible. A mediocre life is around the corner for every American, no more foolish dreams of your personal pursuit of happiness. Gone.

Anonymous said...

To: 2:55PM,
If you are referring to the cell towers, why don't you tell us what you think is right.

We might not want our ghostly ancestors brought back, no telling who might get their butt kicked.

Certainly Obama, Pelosi and Reid have spent many hours trying to find a solution to the Milton cell tower problem. They are considering a post for a Cell Tower CZAR and if this happens we will not have to worry about anything.

Might be better to step back, take a deep breath and follow the advice of 2:58PM.

Anonymous said...

Referenceing another movie, Night of the Living Dead, I'd rather not be a blood sucking zombie and have other peoples hard earned money forcibly taken from them and given to me. I have no right to their money, nor do they mine.

Give the people the cell towers if they want them, it's their property! That's my opinion. Put it back onto their properties and disguise it as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

5:48AM, you are absolutely correct and very realistic, my kind of guy or gal.