Saturday, March 13, 2010

Letter To The Editor.

Should South Fulton suffer again for a Milton County?
by James Reese

Most people arguing for and against Milton County don't know the full story beyond the Depression consolidation of Campbell County (South) and Milton County (North)into Fulton County. Several facts are being skated over by lies and deceit.

The first lie and tale of deceit surrounds the notion that Sandy Springs was part of the Old Milton County. Sandy Springs once known as Hammonds has always been in Fulton County. The fact is the Chattahoochee River served as the old county line between what was once Milton and Fulton County. Representative Jan Jones and Representative Willard are trying to pull a fast one by sliding in language that slips Sandy Springs in their definition of reconstituted counties. Stop and think,better still look it up. Sandy Springs is south of the Hooch and has it's origins in Fulton County.

South Fulton has suffered enough for Sandy Springs to allow it to walk away easily.Read closely you are not going to read this information in ANY article written about reconstituting Milton County. Sandy Springs prosperity didn't happen by itself. During the late 1960's through early 1980's Fulton County's jewel was Fulton Industrial Boulevard (FIB) in South Fulton County. At one time, Fulton Industrial Boulevard was the largest industrial park east of the Mississippi River. With that came untold millions of dollars in property taxes and sales taxes. Where did Fulton County spend those dollars? Sandy Springs... The vast majority of it went into building Sandy Springs infrastructure and aid the white flight north that has made it one of the richest communities in the nation. South Fulton suffered through the 1970's and 1980's while it's northern cousin received favored treatment and money from South Fulton in an effort to keep Atlanta and it's annexation plans at bay.

Very little of the FIB money was spent in South Fulton that is why it remain rather rural to this day. There lies the other lie from those who constantly repeat the mantra that North Fulton is paying for South Fulton.

If it was my choice I'd say allow the state-wide vote for the Old Milton County WITHOUT Sandy Springs because it was never a part of the Old Milton County. Sandy Springs owes a large debt to South Fulton and the resources it imparted upon her.

Tell Representative Jones and Willard to stop telling lies and pull the plug on HR21. The people of South Fulton and Atlanta should let their representative know the truth. South Fulton is responsible for Sandy Springs and subsequently the balance of North Fulton's properity.

NOTE: Many thanks to James for sharing his perspective on the Milton County issue. When it comes to letters to the editor, Magnolia Media does not necessarily agree with or argue against the opinions shared. However, we do support any citizen who would like to share their opinion with our readers provided there is ownership to the letter published.


Anonymous said...

Also not mentioned, Roswell was in Cobb County prior to the merger. In order to make the county contiguous, Cobb allowed Roswell to be annexed into Fulton.

Years ago I had a good friend who lived in Cobb and he would say: "We thought so little of Roswell, we gave it to Fulton."

So if you wanted the original Milton County, you could only take the cities of Alpharetta, Johns Creek and Milton.

Anonymous said...

DeKalb gave Milton a sliver south of the river on 12/19/1859. It included the Roberts Dr. to Spalding area. Milton gave it up because it was difficult to serve the area.

The gentleman is correct in that Sandy Springs receive most of the $$$ from that industrial district; fought N. Fulton for it. The only reason Sandy Springs is included in the resolution is that Jones does not have the votes without them. Milton's southern border should be the Chattahoochee. Sandy Springs would be more trouble for N. Fulton; it will be bad enough to deal with the Mayors of Roswell and Johns Creek in a new county.

By the way, the bill only allows voters in the new area to vote on the issue. Other voters in Fulton will not be allowed to vote. Mutual consent of affecting counties would be off the books. Sounds like something that was attmpted in 1860.
(Footnote: Milton County representatives to the secessionist convention voted NO.)
Maybe Milton City should go back to Cherokee. Under the Jones rule we could vote to do so.

Anonymous said...

Pelosi ???

Anonymous said...

Give it time it will be a big *#@**&% mess.