Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Time for Milton County.

Pictured: John Albers, Mayors’ Jere Wood, Joe Lockwood and Mike Bodker.

John Albers, the leading Republican candidate for State Senate District 56, was the ONLY State Senate candidate to attend a legislative committee meeting and education session regarding House Resolution 21 (Re-Creation of Milton County). North Fulton mayors, city council members and community activists packed the room.

Said Albers, “Putting politics aside, it is deeply concerning others running for the same office I seek did not make the time to attend this important session. The families of North Fulton have suffered from a lack of quality services from Fulton County for years and have my complete support. I will dedicate myself and time to re-create Milton County so our citizens can be best served.”

“Chairman Eaves of the Fulton County Commission presented his case for keeping Fulton united, but it failed quickly when Representatives Willard, Jones and Geisinger pointed out the decades of poor service and continuing mismanagement. North Fulton Mayors and Commissioner Lynne Riley set the record straight on how the North Fulton cities are better governing locally and decades of poor service from Fulton continue to loom. Senator Dan Moody also echoed the call for Milton County and as your next Senator; I’ll continue his bold leadership. I continue to hope for success this session with a positive vote and referendum. However, if not, I’ll lead a parallel process beginning immediately; to begin systematically separating key services including a separate North Fulton school district. Measures such as these will provide a quick impact until such time as we have a new Milton County and Milton County School system.”

“Being a State Senator takes a substantial commitment of time and energy, I make that commitment. I have consistently demonstrated involvement in our community. Once elected, I will work tirelessly to serve the families in North Fulton and make Milton County a reality. I look forward to being North Fulton’s customer service State Senator.”

For additional information, please contact John Albers at or (770)280-6061.

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Anonymous said...

well, it's done then. all the politicians want a milton county. did they ask the residents?

Anonymous said...

Everyone I know around here are all for Milton County and it's about time we get behind our Representatives that have worked so hard to get this bill on the table. Thankyou John Albers for your efforts and please know that many of us are with you. We have been ignored long enough by Fulton County and we long for the day when we can govern ourselves! You have my vote!

Anonymous said...

You and "every one around here" should really check the facts related to costs and debt that Milton County will have at its creation. Data three years old used to justify its creation! If you think the service your getting from the city of Milton is of poor quality, just wait for Milton County. New Milton will get Sandy Springs with all its problems. Can't wait to see mayors Wood and Bodker fight for a mic or photo op.

Anonymous said...

WHO says that John Albers is the leading candidate for the senate seat?? He doesn't have ANY prior experience that qualifies him for the job!

Anonymous said...

John Albers is actually doing something and working hard. You don't see that from others. All nice guys, but this guy has real life experience and the right morals and ethics. I like the business approach and return on investment plan, not this same old crap political posturing. He has my vote!

Anonymous said...

Consider your vote canceled.

Anonymous said...

ditto, you sound like part of the current problem downtown anyway.

Anonymous said...

Since our vote has been canceled, you continue to be a north county resident and complain, however pay your taxes. I'll remain a downtown problem, without complaint, and not pay as much tax. O.K.