Sunday, March 07, 2010

Apples To Apples.

A factual look into an ethics hearing, inaccurate reporting, and the elephant in the room.

By Tim Enloe;

Ok. Let me preface the following words with one simple fact: I consider both D'Aversa and Longoria to be my friends.

Alrighty then, first thing we need to get out of the way is the testimony provided by D'Aversa and Longoria from this past week's ethics inquiry. If you watch the hearing taped by the city, you will find that their statements mirror one another 95% of the time. With that in mind, I do not view Longoria as the great puppet master in this debacle. I believe both were being honest regarding the discussions shared in the Fall of '09. There is a larger history in play here, however.

In regards to the Beacon article below, there are quite a few errors that need to be corrected. First, on a smaller scale, Finance Director Stacey Inglis' name is spelled "Stacey Inglis", not "Stacey English." O'Brien's attorney is "Mark E. Scott", not "Matt E. Scott."

Next, we come to the claim that Lisa Cauley held a fundraiser at her residence for Tina D'Aversa on "Doris" Road. First, the road referenced is spelled "Dorris", not "Doris." Next, the Cauleys don't live on Dorris Road. Third, the Cauleys did not have a fundraiser for Tina D'Aversa at their residence, and fourth the Cauleys did not pay for half of D'Aversa's campaign contributions.

What is accurate is that Mayor Joe Lockwood lives on Dorris Road and he held a fund raiser for Tina D'Aversa at his residence. There were monies donated to her campaign at this time by various individuals. With these discrepancies out of the way, lets move on.

For my fellow viewers, you might remember Ethics Chair Clint Johnson refusing to hear the majority of argument set up by D'Aversa's attorney Lucian Gillis. This in itself is problematic. Much like our Police heroes researching a history that led to a shooting in order to show why someone was shot, the same holds true regarding a case of someone being accused. It is imperative that both sides are given complete time to hear their defense; not just filtered bits and pieces.

This leads us right into a some what unique history of almost four years.

For those unaware, Tina D'Aversa supported Neal O'Brien in his 2006 campaign. I know because I ran against Neal. During their time in office together, obviously something transpired that shifted her support to Burt Hewitt for the '07 election. While I have heard rumblings as to why, rumor is not what this column is about.

As far as Milton's first election season of '06, who can forget the miniature train that sported around Bell Memorial Park showcasing both Neal O'Brien and Clint Johnson campaign signs? Lord knows I can't. It was common knowledge then, as now, that Johnson and O'Brien are supporters of one another. With that in mind, anyone claiming their was bias from one side of the equation must claim the same from the other side. Apples to apples, folks.

Now we roll into the the realm of hypocrisy.

As stated in the news media, this is Milton's fifth ethics hearing in the city's brief three plus year history. One such hearing involved past current council member Neal O'Brien and current council member Bill Lusk. They had used the City of Milton email list to let citizens be aware of an upcoming fundraiser for their campaigns. This charge was dismissed however. Did I mention that Clint Johnson was the Chairman of the ethics board at this time and he is also Bill Lusk appointment to the ethics board? Lets move on.

With that in mind, to have O'Brien call another's ethics into question is easily suspect, especially considering the fact that Tina switched allegiances in 07. If Longoria was the puppet master, I doubt he would have called on an individual with a checkered past to shine the spotlight on D'Aversa. Such a charge would have carried more weight if it were turned in by someone with less baggage and few ties, but that didn't happen.

Our next line item is a suggestion made by a current council member that Milton needs to "hire an outside source" when dealing with the ethics of the city. It seems every time I turn around, we are becoming more and more a city of wasteful spending. Who can forget when we were in the process of hiring a shrink to help our 2006 elected body get along? This made national news, by the way. (To read that story, click here=> )

Now, we want to hire an ethics board? All this money wasted, yet our Milton Police are overworked and understaffed. Council needs to get their heads out of their nether regions and realize what their # 1 priority is -the safety of it's constituency, not prepping our hard earned tax dollars for the fire pit of idiocy.

Finally, we come to the elephant in the room - the political anarchy of Milton GA Politics.

Mayor Lockwood caught quite a bit of Hell from supporters for throwing his weight behind incumbents Lusk and Thurman this past year. Many viewed him as aiding the enemy in consideration of a spotty political history the three had shared to date. Others have said he was trying to eliminate the line that has separated the two factions in the hopes of making the city run more smoothly.

While that gesture is an honorable one, such an action will not succeed as a one person affair. Unfortunately, said line still lives.

In conclusion, Milton GA can be wonderful. It can be a great place for families, horses, and businesses all in the same breath. Our hometown can create a reality based in the mutuality of respect and objectivity in a place were everyone is a neighbor. Then again, if we continue with these political battles, those who are claiming that bankruptcy is right around the corner might not be too far off the mark.


Anonymous said...

In order to help those less informed, the 95% truth assertion is the diametric opposite to the diatribe of Tim.
95% of what he has posted above is rumor, innuendo, half-truth, but most of all BS.

If you have no defense for a red-handed bribe, you attack the complainant. The Chair didn't allow utter nonsense that merely shoots the messenger. In fact, the complaint merely points out the emails and what it might mean to a citizen. Tina just wants to delude herself and us with the idea she is innocent and a victim of girl bashing political enemies.

Sorry, not gonna fly, even in crazy Milton.

Anonymous said...

Is that you Clint?

Anonymous said...

The Chair stopped her attorney from defending or presenting their defense, no intent, no talking about political motivation? How come? He warned 3 times. And threatened the Board members to not go there either? Geeze! Didn't realize the Chair acted as a Supreme Court Justice. Seems Ole Clinty Boy did have his mind made up prior. Ain't dat kinda unethical man??

Tim Enloe said...

First poster:

Thanks for your comment. If you could please shed some light on what you have claimed "is rumor, innuendo, half-truth, but most of all BS" regarding my editorial, I would appreciate it.

All the best -

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

Tim is 100% accurate and YOU
know it!

Anonymous said...

Tim, the basis of the earlier ethics complaint against Neal and Bill was that the city clerk made a mistake when she attempted to comply with the open meetings law. The facts of that case made it clear that neither Bill nor Neal did anything wrong, that they did not ask or tell her to do it, and the State Ethics Commission also upheld that finding. That being said, there is no validity to the argument that Neal should not have filed the complaint against Tina.

The reason that the chair did not allow Tina's attorney to call O'Brien as a witness or to present such evidence was because all they were trying to do was "shoot the messenger." That was their only defense- and it was not defense at all. Tina clearly sent the email with the intent to offer Joe a committee appointment to get him out of the race. Case closed. Given that, his motivation for bringing the complaint was irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

It's all bad karma folks and Milton and bad karma are sleeping together. We either have to find a way to lose it or give it up. Yes, lets go back to the beginning of becoming a city. Same ____, different day. Until we wipe the slate clean at City Hall and start over, it's never going to happen. They ALL have shared the same bed with one another when it will contribute to THEIR cause. They are so busy taking care of their own business and going behind one another's backs under the guise of what's good for Milton, they don't have time to run the City properly, with dignity and respect for the citizens of Milton. We have to start over with new blood. Milton deserves better.

Tim Enloe said...

Some of you folks think I am defending Tina. That is not the case.

Please re-read the editorial and look at from an outsider's perspective.

As I said, it is easy to question when you look at the various opinions and historys.

That's all.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

We just need to forget all of this and become part of Alpharetta. Will be so much simpler!

Anonymous said...

If Alpharetta did by any chance agree to annexation, it would be the greatest thing to happen to Milton. However, after the way the Milton clowns, (govt. and citizenry alike) have acted, very very doubtful they want any part of it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


No one thinks you are defending Tina, although you seem not the least concerned with honest public officials.
Rather, it is obvious from your editorial and past efforts you are an acolyte of Joe Lockwood. If you had mailbox video of Joe bribing someone, you would still crave the chance to be a full fledged member of his circle.

Anonymous said...

At least with Alpharetta you still have property rights - Milton is run like one big homeowners association!
"local control" they were not kidding.
It's more like stiffling the local population.

Tim Enloe said...

11:28 -

Thanks for chiming in.

Yes, I am a friend of Joe, but it doesn't mean I am a puppet to him either. I am also a friend of George Ragsdale, Karen Thurman, and many others that you might assume otherwise.

If I were so far up Joe's nether region, then why did I post information this past election on candidates running against those he endorsed? Makes no sense.

Joe and I disagree more often that you realize. If you need examples, I am game.

If I had any information about any public official that was suspect, I would post it before you could blink an eye. Elected officials answer to their constituency.

My goal is now and has always been for to harbor no gray area. Here, things are black and white. Equal treatment 100%.

My whole purpose in the apples to apples piece is to basically say two things:

1. A bigger picture is in play here.
2. Both sides of the argument needed to be heard.

That is it. Balance and then let the chips fall where they may.

I enjoyed your point and calling me to the line. More open discussion such as this is needed for Milton to prosper.

All the best -

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

Our city is run by a bunch of 12 year olds. I voted a big fat NO for the City of Milton. Everyone was so hot to to make a new city, and what did we get a big mess! As soon as I can sell my house I'm outta here. If Milton is not careful I won't be the only one leaving. This could have been a good thing but the people in charge made the city about themselves, not the citizens whom elected them. If I were a member of the Milton government I would be worried come November.

Anonymous said...

Know what ya mean.

The only good thing and I mean the ONLY good thing about Milton is the fact Alpharetta answers 911 calls and does an excellent job. If Milton was operating this service, it would be screwed up like everything else in this city.

But I'm not bailing just now, want to be here when the failure and subsequent bankruptcy occurs to say I TRIED TO TELL YOU!

Anonymous said...

"If I had any information about any public official that was suspect, I would post it before you could blink an eye."

Yet AM remains strangely silent about the documented truth regarding Thurman & family's long term relationship with a loan company selling illegal securities and ripping off our military sons and daughters.

Anonymous said...

I also voted against becoming our own city. I had not imagined the miserable polical dump we've become - but I did question the sustainability from a tax basis alone. We should have remained unincorporated or perhaps rolled into Alpharetta. The benefits to the majority of our citizens would outway any negatives around Alpharetta zoning rules. I have to think they would recognize the value Milton brings to their city and work to protect it as well.

I don't know how you would get something like this rolling (not just another poll Tim :-), but we should add a ballot question asking if we should approach Alpharetta about this topic. I think it is time....I am done with this town.

Anonymous said...

So now we have identified the two extremes:

Protect Milton: No sewer, no development, no change, no growth, no new revenue, no future...

Annex into Alpharetta: Sewer lines throughout Milton and all of Milton's open roads morph into open highways...

Too bad we can't turn back time (to when the economy was good) and try "smart growth" instead of "no growth."

Anonymous said...

why do you say that annexing into alpharetta means they will tear up all the roads and drop in sewer?? Doesn't make sense. Do you imagine people sitting in dark smoky rooms plotting how they can lay sewer pipe across the landscape? It's a tired argument....

Tim Enloe said...

4:11 -

I am happy to post any information, but I will not post rumor.

If you have any stories that have been written that bring any of our elected body into question, send it over to


Tim Enloe
Magnolia Media LLC
Power Realty
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

The City of Alpharetta is like a machine that runs on the tax revenue generated from the type of residential and commercial development that requires the expansion of sewer.

The City of Milton has an interest in curtailing this type of growth through local zoning regulations. The City of Alpharetta has no such interest - its interest would be to maximize tax revenues.

So yes, I believe annexation into Alpharetta would lead to the expansion of sewer throughout Milton - not immediately to every road and lot, but eventually to the key roads and nodes.

Anonymous said...

There's plenty in the Rome Finance court documents and rulings to find "suspect" as you say. The cases started in the late 1980's in Georgia with wire fraud (one person received jail time).

The troubles only got worse when the Tennessee Attorney General caught up with what the loan company was doing to Fort Campbell soldiers. It's documented that the company is unlicensed in every state in which it operates. Now California is taking its shot in bankruptcy court.

Thurman's family involvement with Rome was explained in the court transcripts to have begun as early as 1990. Why would Thurman sink over $1-million in a company with such a horrible history of legal problems?

Anonymous said...

Just remain patient, what goes around shall come around, never fails.

Anonymous said...

For Thurmie its "easy come easy go" with money.

Anonymous said...

If there was anything than utter defamation to the accusations about Karen or her family, then you would have the b@lls to come forward with your name rather than post anonymously.

Anonymous said...

Calm down before you blow a gasket.

Anonymous said...

The Thurmans have a very nice home and new cars so at least the money earned from this company went to some good use.

Anonymous said...

In re: Case No. 08-45902 J
Chapter 11
Date: January 29, 2009
Time: 2:30 pm
Place: Courtroom 215

“In fact, as the Acting U.S. Trustee explains in her memorandum, it has already come to light that Ronald Wilson has been using an alterego, Rome LLC, to issue notes and finance accounts receivable. There can be little doubt that Mr. Wilson established Rome LLC in order to evade the Tennessee enforcement action and continue highly questionable, unlicensed business activities under a different corporate identity. This fact alone is enough to convince that Mr. Wilson cannot be trusted with fiduciary capacity to act solely on behalf of Rome’s interests.”

And who owns 45% interest in Georgia-based, parallel company, Rome LLC ?