Friday, March 05, 2010

2009 City of Milton Election Costs.


We received an inquiry asking us to find out what the bill was to the City of Milton for the 2009 council election.

The total cost incurred was was $68,897.00.

This information is of relevance as it was stated during the ethics hearing by one of the board members that there was no monies spent by the city.

Many thanks to Stacey Ingles and Chris Lagerbloom of the City of Milton for providing this information to us.


Anonymous said...

Did someone tell Clint Johnson.

Anonymous said...

So who was lying then about it costing the city money, the Board members? Whoa! I guess they don't have to be accountible when judging the actions of others.

Get rid of that Board entirely, it gives Milton zero credibility and is embarassing to our city, let alone the members who didn't know what they heck they were talking about.

Anonymous said...

Especially the board chair, no less!

Anonymous said...

Agree with poster #2.

Anonymous said...

Go easy on Clint, his law degree is from Mohair Barber College, located in Cook County Michigan, and he has not taken the Ga. state bar exam.