Friday, November 04, 2011

Distortions vs Truth.

Courtesy Mattformilton

I believe the time is now for Milton to move beyond politics. I am disappointed that my opponent has resorted to dirty campaign tactics and outright distortions. Milton deserves better and you deserve the truth.

In her negative ads and mail, my opponent calls local business owners “special interests” when describing my support. The truth is that my opponent accepted a $2,500 MAXIMUM contribution from a person who benefits from development and housing.

We pulled my opponent’s campaign financial disclosures, available by clicking here: Here are the facts:

$7,750 in direct contributions
$5,150 from what she defines as "special interests"

Here's how this breaks out:

The Distortion

The Truth

I want you to know exactly what you can expect from me. I am a person of faith and principles. Let me be completely transparent: I will ask myself these three questions before every vote I take:

1) Does this vote protect and/or promote our rural character?

2) Does this vote keep our taxes in check?

3) Does this vote promote maintaining and/or increasing the value of property?

If the answer is yes to all 3 then I will vote for it. If the answer is no to all 3, I will reject it.

I ask for you vote on Tuesday.



Anonymous said...

He's on the ropes. Is he now saying that Julie is pro-development?

Anonymous said...

He must have gotten angry about the revelation that he was in the pest control business before he was a "financial advisor," or "wealth advistor," or whatever they are calling investment salesmen now.

How in the world can he afford the full-time political consultant, campaign manager, all of those signs, the 3 mailings just this week, and the newspaper ads? All for a $12,000 per year job. People must really like him.

Anonymous said...

He has a paid campaign manager?

Anonymous said...

Transparent? List your donors. Adam Orkin, developer. Ron Wallace, wealthy entrepreneur who stands to benefit from the build out of crabapple to name just two. Tim Enloe you always post the requests of the readers and you are ignoring this second request by another reader to post the campaign donations of all candidates. That's transparency. You know how to get them, and they are public record Tim. Post them is you are for real Enloe, or that tells us where your heads at.

The wealthy developers have spent more money on campaign donations in this town for: Thurman, Lusk, Mohrig, Obrien, Santi, Longoria, and now Kunz and Large.

Anonymous said...

A man of faith and character doesn't accept hefty donations from people he never knew before ( developers) just to get elected. You are of no character for doing so, you have no experience, and you are mixed up with the same ole group of people who want to rule and control this town. Milton we are 30,000 strong yet only 10% of us get out and vote. SHAME on you Milton residents for never voting, for not paying attention to your local politics. Does your town stop at your driveway? Get out and vote before you wake up one day and realize your town now looks just like all the other north Fulton cities. GO VOTE!!

Anonymous said...

Matt Kunz = Distortion of Truth

Anonymous said...

Matt-you have my vote!

Anonymous said...

Obama has the previous poster's vote as well.

Anonymous said...

Yes we all know Matt's wife will vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Even more disturbing is Mayor Joe sitting quietly back while allowing Kunz and Large to lie about Milton going bankrupt and being financially unsustainable.

Sir, your picture with Kunz on his deceptive postcard tells us where you stand. Is that what you wanted us to know?

Tim Enloe said...

5:22pm -

If you remember correct, "Lee In Alpharetta" was kind enough to leave a link for people to do the research for themselves. That is why I didn't send out the request as the answer was already there.

However, with your being the second request, I will email all four candidates asking them for their most recent campaign contributions list. I will post any candidate who responds on

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

Interesting that if you plugged the bullet points of your campaign platform into this same three question framework, you would have to answer NO to all. You can't have it both ways, Matt. You can't get the kind of commercial expansion you want and are scared to tell voters about AND protect the rural, equestrian character.

Anonymous said...

Latest robo call: he wants to protect our horse farms. Since when are they in danger? What per cent of Milton's population is really afected by this group? What a laugh. Another strawman argument by this guy.

Anonymous said...

This guy hasn't got the first clue about how to do this job. I tried to like him for it, but couldn't.

We need Julie to win this and she has my vote.

Anonymous said...

Julie, i would vote for you again but your supporters on here love to hook up anyone or anything they dont agree with to Obama. First you were Obama. Then Kunz is Obama. Negative and ignorant. We arent votimg for Washington DC on Tuesday. We are voting for Milton. Therefore, the least negative campaign, supporters and candidate will get my vote. Your team has gone to all all time low. Sounds just like Santi but its Bailey this time. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

Right. Some will be duped by the HEG political spin messaging, but most of the support for 1 minute 21 seconds Kunz is from a small number of wealthy developers who are praying that they can collect on their investment - higher density development, no restrictions, etc - all for the good of Milton taxpayers. Right.

Anonymous said...

Man…. You JZB zealots are a one trick pony. It is all about evil developers who are going to destroy Milton. What is your angle going to be next election when Matt and Lance win this time and there are then 7 evil pro developer nuts on council for two more years and NO destruction of Milton has occurred?

This argument worked the first election and then the second just one year later but now it has been 5 years and most citizens realize what a sham that argument is.

Milton is anti-business and that hurts everyone. There is a place for quality business in Milton in the already defined areas - Period. If anyone on Council ever tried to change that they would be crucified.

Maybe this will mean the crazies will even stay out of the Council races in two years – one can only dream!