Monday, November 14, 2011

Thank You & Upcoming Zonings, Meetings & Issues.

Courtesy Friends Of Julie Zahner Bailey.

November 13, 2011

Dear Milton Residents, Neighbors and Friends:

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful fall weekend in Milton following a reflective Veteran's Day. Thank you to all the veterans and to the men and women who protect our country and our freedoms every day. We owe you so much for your sacrifices on our behalf.

Also, many thanks for the opportunity and privilege to represent you and your family as your Council member. I am honored to have worked diligently on your behalf for many years prior to the city's inception and after.

While I had hoped for a different outcome in this election, I am pleased to complete my second term in December with the City of Milton in a very strong financial position, forward movement on our citywide Park Master Plans and Trail system (i.e. Birmingham Park master planning and Trail workshops are on the calendar for November and December) and so many great policies and programs in place to benefit our entire community.

I am passionate about seeing our community retain the characteristics that brought many residents here in the first place. My sincere hope is that the citizens will stay engaged and involved. Thank you, everyone for continuing to make Milton a unique place to call home and to all who participated in our re-election efforts.

Please know that I will continue to serve as your City Council member through the end of December and will work diligently through the completion of my second term.

All my best to you and your families as we enter this Thanksgiving season for there is so much to be thankful.

Blessings to each of you,

Julie Zahner Bailey

Milton City Council

404-310-6344 cell


Upcoming Zonings, Meetings & Issues
There are some important meetings, zonings and ordinance changes that are forthcoming. Your review of these items and involvement will be important.

Monday, November 14, 2011 - Work Session: (Please note, public comment is welcome and encouraged at work sessions as well as public hearings):
Discussion about the vision for the Hopewell House (located at Birmingham Road and Hopewell).
RZ - 11 - 18 - To create Article VI, Division 26, of the Zoning Ordinance - H (Historic) District (see below for more details on this item as it comes for a vote 11/21/2011)
Discussion with Urban Collage regarding the Livable Communities Initiative (LCI), its potential impact for the Highway 9 area and a discussion surrounding the financial sustainability of the city.
Monday, November 21, 2011 - City Council meeting - Public Hearing:
U11-02/VC11-04 - 1328 New Providence Road - Applicant - Inner Quest Church. A request to expand the existing 3,800 sq. ft. church to add a new building consisting of an 8,320 square foot sanctuary for a total of 12,120 sq. ft. within two buildings for a total of 224 seats. The application also includes concurrent variances for a) a reduced buffer from the 75 ft. undisturbed buffer and the 10 ft. improvement set back to a 25 ft. undisturbed buffer and a 10 ft. improvement setback along with the west property line, b) a similar variance for the north property line, c) to allow for a 5 over 12 roof pitch and d) to increase the front setback from 30 ft. from the landscape strip to 250 ft. Please use this link for the details of this special use permit request. Staff and the Planning Commission have recommended approval condition thus far.
RZ-11-18 - To create Article VI, Division 26, of the Zoning Ordinance - H (Historic) District. This new zoning category would allow a property previously used for commercial purposes - even if it is not located in a commercial district - to be zoned commercial. The Planning Commission noted concerns with this zoning category as it could allow for spot zoning. Originally this zoning language was included as reference in the Historic Preservation documentation - even though several of us noted it did not belong there due to the zoning nature of the language. The Historic Preservation Division of the State of Georgia agreed requiring the city of Milton to remove this language from the Historic Preservation Ordinance. The City now is bringing forward a separate document that would enable properties in non-commercial locations to be zoned commercial if the Historic Preservation Committee deems the structure historic and if there is evidence of prior use. Another concern, however, is that "evidence" of prior use is noted as "personal affidavits" being acceptable as evidence. Click here for more details.
Tuesday, November 16th - Planning Commission - Public Hearing (however, there has been some discussion that this case may now have been deferred to the December Planning Commission agenda. If this is accurate, this rezoning case would then be shifted by a month and it would not come to the City Council until after the New Year, after my term and that of Alan Tart's have come to completion):
RZ11-19/VC11-05 15260 Hopewell Road Reunion Park, LLC - Hopewell and Thompson Road. Request by David Chatham to rezone from AG-1 (Agricultural) to C-1 (Community Business) and AG-1 (Agricultural) for an existing 1,180 square foot building and an existing 1,835 square foot single family residence (to remain AG-1)with a three-part concurrent variance to reduce or delete the required 50 foot buffer and 10 foot improvement setback (Sec 64-1141(3)(a)).
Tuesday, November 29, 7:00 p.m - Master Plan Park Workshop - please plan to attend and participate.
Wednesday, November 30, 7:00 p.m. - Trail Workshop - please plan to attend and participate.
As you can see, there are some important items coming forward for decisions at both the Planning Commission and the City Council. Community input has never been more important and will continue to be critical to the future of Milton. Additionally, the workshops regarding our Park Master Planning initiatives and our trail system require citizen involvement. Please stay engaged and involved as every person, every voice will continue to make all the difference.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes people don't realize what they've got until it is gone. Of course by then it will be too late. Walk with your head held high, Julie. Your love and concern for this community is still evident in your passionate plea for residents to stay engaged. I hope that they will.

Anonymous said...

Who wants to be bet that the Birmingham Hopewell Alliance will magically come to life again?

Anonymous said...


What is the Birmingham Hopewell Alliance? I am new to this stuff.

Anonymous said...

They r at it again with the zoning. Same song same singers. Watch what happens when Julie n Alan are gone. Chatham will get his corner finally rezoned, looks like through historical zoning? Really? We r not that dumb folks. Peope who live over there wake up! Spot zoning on your horizon.

Anonymous said...

It is all Julie's fault, she should have not lost!

Anonymous said...

RZ11-18. If you like spot zoning, then you will love this one. HCP did not ask for this change. Guess who authored it.

Travis Allen said...

Why is everyone making the assumption that the HPC is going to declare the building historic?

There has to be a public hearing scheduled for the HPC to vote on any structures nominated as historic.

Once scheduled, you can share comments at or show up at the hearing.

And as FYI, the property owner has already requested a rezoning, but for Commercial, not Historic as they feel the "H" zoning is "too restrictive"...imagine that.

Anonymous said...

Put a gas station there, people will love avoiding Hwy 9 to get gas.

Anonymous said...

Julie - Thank you for your hard work and for your obvious love of Milton. I haven't always personally agreed with your strategies for creating Milton's future, but I have respected your dedication and hard work.

I think most in Milton want the same kinds of things for our future. Two groups just disagree on the best plan for getting there. That should not be made into a personal attack on people. It's just a different opinion on how to get there.

All the best Julie to you and your family. Thanks for the dedication.

Anonymous said...

Don't let the door hit you on the way out... Does anyone have any idea how much her shenanigans have cost the city over the last 5 years??

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true zoneing buster!

Mark Hancock said...

Regarding the H Zoning, the HPC's only responsibility is to vote whether the structure/property is historic. As Travis said, this would occur at a public meeting and one that is properly advertised.

The actual vote on the zoning doesn't occur in the HPC. The ultimate vote will occur in City Council, where all citizens can comment and our elected officials can make the determination.