Saturday, November 05, 2011

Per Your Request - Campaign Contributions Lists.


Over the course of the past week, we have had two readers request that all four candidates submit their most recent list of campaign contributions for publication on

While "Lee In Alpharetta" was kind enough to provide a link in one of our comments section showing how to find the information online, we are still happy to ask for the information for readers.

The email that we will be sending to all candidates will read as follows:

"Candidate - has received requests for all candidates to send their most recent and up to date campaign contributions list over to be published on

If you can please send this information before Monday, we will post it giving credit to that particular candidate. For those who do not reply, we will state "Candidate XXXX did not respond to this request."

Thank you for answering these citizens request.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552"


Anonymous said...

Hi Tim. The most recent report only shows contributions from Sept 30 through Oct 31. You need to ask for the last three to get all the contributions!

Lee at said...

All four Milton candidates have submitted their reports this week that cover the period through Oct 25. The last report isn't due until after the election. You could ask them to provide up-to-date contribution reports, but they don't have to go public with that info for a while. My guess is that they are too busy campaigning to get their books up-to-date. I wouldn't fault them too much for that.

Here are links to the reports from the Georgia Ethics Commission. I hope the URLs come through in this comment. You might need to click on the link that says "click to expand" to see all reports.





Anonymous said...

Why can't people look this stuff up on their own?

Lazy or what?