Monday, November 07, 2011

Tomorrow is Election Day.

Courtesy Matt for Milton

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I want to thank all of my supporters for the tireless work and advice these past few months.

I am most proud that we held the course on the promise we made day one. We ran a clean, honest campaign.

Regardless of the results tomorrow, our integrity remains intact. Even when my opponent made false accusations, misrepresented herself and consistently put out untruths, we did not lower ourselves to dirty campaigning.

There’s a saying that you can tell the way a candidate will lead by the way he or she campaigns. I will be guided by integrity and work every day to make you proud.

We stayed on message because that is what I feel is important to Milton's future. Among many other quality of life goals I hold, I would like to mention a few of my priorities.

I want to make it crystal clear that I am going to protect the rural culture that we have. That is a promise that you can carve in stone.

I am passionate about keeping our taxes in check and increasing property values.
I will always be a strong voice for parks, police and fire protection, the trail system, and I will work to lessen the traffic nightmare we face every day.
If I am honored to be elected tomorrow I will work with the Mayor, Council and wonderful staff that we have.

Please understand I come to this election free of any deals, promises or commitments to any individual or groups, unlike my opponent.
Integrity is in my DNA and it cannot be pierced. I will do the right things for the right reasons.

I do not believe I know more than the people I would represent.
My faith reminds me that none are perfect and all have fallen short. I will make mistakes, but I will learn and listen.
I ask you to join the people below and others in supporting this campaign to take Milton in the right direction.

Thank you for taking the time to vote tomorrow.


Michael Stevens

Perry Mason

Bernie Tokarz

Ruby Mason

Sean Abley

Rick Mohrig

Brian Ghannam

Donna Mohrig

Lauren Holmes

Mary Hernandez

Chris Gillig

Steve Hernandez

Pam Gillig

Arch Kielly

Mar Sobolewski

Debbie Kielly

Nancy Jo Sobolewski

Tim McCormick

Kate Wallace

Holly McCormick

Ron Wallace

Gordon Hunter

Edna Dawson

Brooke Hunter

David Cesped

Christopher Bloor

Lara Cesped

Dennis Potts

Larry Keatts

Mukaila Adeogun

Monica Keatts

C.A. "Bud" Zborowski

Deborah Lanham

Kellie Meckes

Mike Wysong

Holly Siuda

Laura Wysong

Douglas Blohm

Kim Matherly

Judy DeNormandie

Steve Ward

Tim Allen

Donald Mitchell

Melissa Puppa

Sally Rich-Kolb

Steve Lanham

Betsy Welch


Anonymous said...

Clean and Honest Campaign? What a joke. This guy is the worst kind of disengenuous creep.

Anonymous said...

Matt, you make me laugh. What a joke. And your endorsement list, wow.

Anonymous said...

Mattie, Mattie, Mattie, I am so sorry you have no idea what has been going on in your campaign. Maybe if you had written one piece of the sound bites and releases you would know just how sad and pathetic your little negative campaign has been. But I enjoyed the laugh. I hope one day you will realize just how badly you are being taken advantage of. I am sure you are making your dad proud with all the attention, but if he reads your materials, I know I would not be proud as your father.

I almost didn't read to the end of your message, but thank goodness I did, it was the biggest laugh of all. At this point in your campaign you would think the list of supporters might have been a bit longer. Too funny. Sadly, the list could not have been more predictable, full of commercial land owners, Crooked Creek gating mongers and political has-beens.

Mattie, Mattie, Mattie, poor, poor, Mattie.

Anonymous said...

This guy is halucinating. Scary. No holocaust, either, Matt?

What a rube. he is being had by these card sharps and doesn't even know it. Still thinks he is running his own camapign and that it is good honest fun.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if I list them in one column and separate married couples it will look like more people.

Anonymous said...

"My faith?" Holy cow. Once someone starts to refer to how religious they are (the ones that have to tell you usually aren't), grab your wallets folks. Starting to sound like John, I just got back from Bible Study, McMillan.

Anonymous said...

Trying to dig yourself out of the mud? Maybe your highly-paid consultant could write instructions on "how to use a shovel" into your next script.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a wonderful list of supporters! LMAO! Just another example of why Julie and Alan will receive my vote!

Anonymous said...

i wonder if Matts wife knows he cheats on her, what a fine christian man and community leader....... HA HA HA what a joke

Anonymous said...

Left off Adam Orkin, largest landowner of undeveloped property in Milton. Also loved how you put Kate Wallace instead of Ron Wallace, trying to hide Ronny?

What r u ashamed of? Developer money. U should be.

Anonymous said...

Nope whoops u did put Rona name on the list, good boy.

Anonymous said...

Ron not Rona! Same difference..

Anonymous said...

Matt you've been hoodwinked by The bunch who got you to run. You should have run from that group. Know who you are going to walk with before you take the walk Matt. Someone gave you a big plate of bad advice.

U r judged by whom you walk with and a few on your list are crawlers.

Anonymous said...

To those who are opposed to negativity and outright mid-truths in our town, vote KUNZ. He has nothing to gain or lose in this election. This town stands to lose it's soul obviously by all these attacks on a man who has zero "political" experience. Maybe that is why he hired this consultant, who by the way was also hired by Bailey in a previous election. But still, he refuses to bow down to such a low level as his attackers appear to be doing right here, He has no reason to defend himself. He doesn't have to. Who is the real bully in this race? Why exactly is that "team" resorting to such hatred?

Anonymous said...

7:32 - He may have nothing to gain or lose. However the point is that he brings norhing, Milton would be the loser if he is elected. Another Burt on the council not needed.

Anonymous said...

you people should be ashamed of yourselves - I hope the general public doesn't read these posts - hiding behind anonymous to blast people you don't know - real class

thank goodness you are the minority in Milton as you will discover today

Anonymous said...

Wow, I agree. These shameful comments and outright lies r obviously the work of one very angry person. If I were him or her I'd be spending my time trying to find a good therapist rather writing all these posts. You are a sad, angry, and obviously uneducated person with way too much time on ur hands. Go work or volunteer, it'll make you feel a lot better about ur self.