Monday, November 07, 2011

Vote against politics as usual...Re-elect Alan Tart on Tuesday.

Courtesy Friends of Alan Tart

Dear citizen:

I hope you and your family have had an enjoyable weekend.

By now, you have undoubtedly received multiple political flyers, numerous robocalls and polls from my opponent's campaign, and several emails from both of us.

It has been said that democracy depends on citizens having reliable, accurate facts put in a meaningful context. With this mind, I have endeavored to provide you with the facts as I know them to be, based on four years of experience on the council and my intimate knowledge of the issues at hand. Nothing more, nothing less.

I have remained positive and have taken the high road despite my opponent’s campaign of misinformation, mischaracterizations, and personal digs. Of course, it's understandable that his campaign must resort to these kinds of tactics because he is unable to attack my performance on the council, my proven track record of accomplishments, or the fact I have fulfilled every campaign promise I made four years ago.

My campaign continues to be marked with proactive messages that clearly outline my qualifications, my accomplishments during my first term, and my commitment to you on the things that will accomplished during my second term.

In the interest of making sure you have factual information to assist in your decision making process, I do need to point out a few facts that distinguish me from my opponent. I also urge you to do your own research before going to the polls.

Even after our city manager clearly expressed that statements by my opponent and others claiming that our finances are "not sustainable" were simply not true, my opponent continues to beat that same old drum. I suppose this is a desperate attempt to appeal to your justified fears and uncertainties about the U.S. economy. My opponent's hired political consultant undoubtedly realizes that this strategy is being successfully employed in a number of local elections across the country. Fortunately for us, Milton cannot be compared to other cities or the country, for that matter, in terms of our financial condition. Our citizens are also extremely intelligent and are not as easily duped by typical political bandwagon appeals that work other places. I am hopeful that our citizens will not fall for this trick.

The fact of the matter is that my decisions have made Milton financially strong, sustainable, and virtually debt free (completely debt free, as a matter of fact, as of Jan 12). A new city, with all of the start up costs a new city would be expected to have, that is debt free, and has $7.8 million in reserves during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression? YES, THAT'S MILTON.

It is obvious from a review of my opponent's campaign contribution disclosure reports and the enormous amount of money he has spent on his campaign (almost $10,000 in consultant fees alone) that he is being funded by developers and large landowners in the Highway 9 and Crabapple areas. This, coupled by the fact that my opponent accepted a campaign contribution from the developer of the gas station being constructed at the corner of Highway 9 and Bethany Bend after being the only citizen to speak in favor of the application, calls into question whether he will be unbiased, balanced, and willing to consider your needs in his decision making process.

In contrast, I do not accept money from developers and other companies wishing to do business with the city. Unlike my opponent who works for WK Dickson, a company that specializes in infrastructure projects and urban development, I do not work for a company that could benefit financially by my being on the council. I also have a proven record of being unbiased, fair, and balanced in my decision making process. This is a fact.

Milton's citizens are among the most educated people in the country; thus, I trust you will do your own research before going to the polls on Tuesday. When you do, I feel confident you will come to the conclusion that -

a) I have nothing to gain from being re-elected other than the privilege of representing your interests for another four years and ensuring your vision for our city is realized, and

b) It just makes good sense to re-elect someone who has a proven track record of doing everything he says he'll do versus an unknown with questionable motives.

Thus, if in the next four years you want Milton to have -

- An award winning parks system,
- Improvements to our roads and most dangerous intersections (which are already in progress and being funded - see,
- Fully staffed, equipped, and trained police and fire departments, and
- A lean, fiscally conservative, financially viable government,

all while preserving our rural, equestrian character and uniqueness, then please re-elect me, Alan Tart, to the city council on Tuesday, Nov 8th.

With gratitude for allowing me to serve you these past four years,


To contribute to my campaign, please visit my website at .


Anonymous said...

Please explain exactly when the 2 bad intersections to the new high school will be completed? How will White Columns residents get to school on time? It appears nothing is started except some road patching. The school opens August 2012 and nothing will be done to help the traffic, remember this people when you vote tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

1:12 Is that all you are concerned about? Here's a wild idea, leave 5 minutes earlier or put your spoiled kid on the bus! You need to be concerned about the real issues in Milton.

Anonymous said...

1:12. FYI. As a traffic engineer, I can attest to the timeline Tart has been describing that intersection improvements take 3-4 years to complete. It doesn't matter if Tart is in office, Lance Large, or God himself. The school board can buy land and build a school before intersection improvements can be made. Since the school board can't pay for improvements off their property, that leaves it to the city to fix. Be glad they being addressed. Even if Lance Large gets elected and works to hire his own company to do the work for us, it won't happen any faster.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, the FCBOE bought the site in September 2008, so the intersections should be done any day now...? Too bad the Mayor and JZB had the City's traffic people working around the clock to convince the FCBOE that their neighbors in west Milton need to stay at Milton HS.

Keep wearing that red shirt, Julie. Too bad no one in a blue shirt is going to vote for you.

Anonymous said...

Julie has worked to delay spending money on roads and intersections that are not near her. There has been plenty of time to get this started, since 2008!!!

Anonymous said...

Julie caused global warming, our national economic downturn, Greece's bad economy, the stock market to rise and fall to match her investments, the sky to turn dark at night, fall, winter, spring, summer. Why the Titanic sank because she put the iceberg there. That's one powerful little gal.

Anonymous said...

This guy gets no pass from me for the military flag crap in his subdivision.

Anonymous said...

6:23. John Klein, that is an old story and no one is listening to you. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

The Milton Herald lists about 160 living veterans. Maybe it's not an old story to them, or their families, or the families of about 200 fallen veterans.

Anonymous said...

Does your concern for the military extend to those currently serving? How about the 800 families at Ft. Campbell who were scammed by Rome Finance? Research who on your council invested huge and has a long history with this predatory loan company. Go to Tennessee Attorney General's website and type in "Britlee".