Monday, November 07, 2011

In Just One Day.

Courtesy Large 4 Milton, Inc.

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow you will decide the future direction of Milton. My campaign has been about the issues and facts, with a positive message and vision for our city. My opponent’s “politics as usual” approach has sought to blur the issues, and his communications have been disingenuous in many cases. The differences between Alan Tart and me are very clear.

Mr. Tart says he is a Fiscal Conservative, yet his voting record is 100% Democrat. I am a true independent thinking Conservative with experience working on both sides of the aisle.

I have 30 years of private sector experience, running a small business and now in leadership at a major company. Mr. Tart is a government regulator for the FDA with 4 years of political experience.

Mr. Tart claims personal credit for most of the work of the entire Council. He confuses attending meetings with leadership. I have led teams in creating and implementing award winning infrastructure designs across the Georgia and the Southeast.

I have the time, flexibility and commitment to faithfully attend Council meetings and work sessions. Mr. Tart has missed numerous meetings during his tenure.

Mr. Tart steadfastly believes in maintaining the status quo, particularly our level of service delivery. I believe in elevating our standard of living by creating a wired community that attracts great businesses to our existing commercial zones and well compensated residents to our neighborhoods.

I've designed traffic flow programs that reduced congestion. Mr. Tart talks about traffic and supports more studies.

Mr. Tart criticizes me for using a political consultant. What he does not share with you, is that I am utilizing the same consultant who advised his campaign four years ago.

My campaign is about keeping our taxes down and maintaining our property values by pursuing a "Heritage and High Tech" agenda. It's time to believe we can have more and stop accepting less. We are Milton and we are ready.

I am Lance Large and I ask for your vote tomorrow, Tuesday.


Lance Large


Anonymous said...

Lance is the biggest crybaby wet-diaper loser I have ever encountered.

I just received a robocall from his camp slandering Alan Tart to the extreme. The entire call was put on as though it was in support of "the progressive liberal democrat Alan Tart." It went on from there with more slander meant to scare voters.

I thought that I disrespected Large before, but I have become beyond outraged since receiving that call. Lance, you are a dirtbag.

Anonymous said...

really bad baseball. On the one hand, someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to try to win gets things done and might be effective. On the other hand, they are a slimeball and don't have the integrity to serve and represent.

I hope he loses big.

Anonymous said...

Great Job Lance! You showed your true colors with the Robocall! I agree with 4:47, you are a dirtbag! I hope you get what you deserve. Shame on you!