Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank You MIlton!


To my friends and fellow residents of Milton.

The essence of TEAM is just this, to put a commitment to a cause, to trust in those others around us, and to love that which we want to see grow. This week, I was so proud to see so many people come together yesterday believing in a cause that was greater than themselves. These people culminated into a terrific team for the sake of the people of Milton, and I was both inspired and humbled as I watched them orchestrate their efforts. It was beautiful.

Now, as we look toward the future, I want to welcome all of the residents of the city of Milton to come together. Let's begin by recognizing those skills in each other and finding ways to work together for the sake of our community. There will be much to do, but I am confident as we adopt the principles of TEAM that we will help our community be all that it is capable of becoming.

I want to thank many who helped me in my campaign. First and foremost I want to thank my wife, RaDonna, who encouraged me to run from the outset. I wish to thank my campaign manager, Fred Hicks, who helped guide so many people during critical moments. I want to thank my opponent, Mrs. Julie Zahner Bailey, and her supporters for running a competitive and passionate campaign. I want to thank all those voters who voted their conscience for the sake of our future. And, finally, I want to thank all those members of our campaign team who took time from their daily lives and their families to spread our message to the residents of Milton through phone calls, door knocking, or holding signs in the rain before a Milton High School Game. Your efforts displayed the promise and the strength that is within the people of Milton.

Thank you, and I look forward to serving as your next District 2 City Councilman.


Matt Kunz


Anonymous said...

You better do what Bill and Karen tell you!

Anonymous said...

This guy is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Robo Polls? Kunz was relentless and the only one I got calls from - what did I think was important and at least 3 asking who I was going to vote for in his race. Ah yes, the benefits of a “professional” campaign manager who would know all the tricks and lots of cash. Don't have to do any homework that way.

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Anonymous said...

What was Milton thinking????